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Thread: My Asus L4500R notebook

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    My Asus L4500R notebook

    Hi all, I have problem while booting my Asus L4500R notebook. I have both Knoppix and Win XP installed.
    The problem is : at bootmanager's screen when I choose Linux (2.4.* or 2.6.* kernel), it writes out :
    Loading Linux ........................
    Bios Data Check successful
    and it hangs.

    BUT : this ONLY happens when I boot Knoppix FIRST when I turn on my notebook.
    It's weird that : IF I boot WinXP first, then RESTART (not SHUTDOWN), I can boot up Knoppix.

    Anybody knows what problem it is ? , does WinXP write something to BIOS(that Knoppix cannot) so Knoppix can use it to load other hardwares ?

    Thank you.

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    When I give the option: acpi=off then it boots to Knoppix, but the new problem is that I cant shutdown with shutdown -h now , I have to push the Power button after it halts.

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