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Thread: Where are the KDE Config files hiding?

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    Where are the KDE Config files hiding?

    I'm trying to alter the KDE Application menu as part of a remastering project. While I have had a bit of success in using kmenuedit to make changes, not all my updates seem to take effect.

    Case in point - Games. I set the "Games" object to "hidden", saved the changes and copied the whole /home/knoppix/.kde structure to /skel/.kde

    Lo and behold, when I remastered the image and booted it, the Games object is still there...

    Other changes I made - such as modifying titles of other applications, or changing their classifications - worked fine.

    What are and where are the configuration files for KDE and its related components? Can I modify or delete these to get the menus set up the way I want them? Or is there another way to effectively modify the Application menu?

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    I want to know where the Kmenu data is stored too, but maybe (if it's just for 1 remaster) you could use a "burned-in" ?

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