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Thread: newbie hd install help

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    newbie hd install help


    I have Xp Pro installed on primary drive F and my old drive C is the slave. I don't want to touch my F drive. Is there a way that I could install to the slave drive and use Grub to choose which os to use? Or do I have to put a bootable partition on the main drive?

    I am totally new to Linux so any help will be much appreciated. I ran qtparted and I see/dev/hda1/ as a ntfs
    and I see/dev/hdb1/ as a fat32 format. I would like to instal linux on this partition


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    HDD install.....

    Thats like my setup. I have a C: drive with WINXP and a D: drive with KNOPPIX 3.3 I havent gotten around to update it to 3.4 yet, but 2 hard drives are better and you dont have to mess with the other one. Just go into cmos [setup] on your computer and set it to boot from the 2nd HDD. Then put KNOPPIX in and boot to completion, bring up console and do "knx2hd" and cross your fingers! Make SURE you install it to the PROPER HDD! I dont have any experience with GRUB, just LILO and you will be prompted for that later anyway. I have LILO on my MBR and everything works fine. You have to edit LILO tho to recognize your 2 OS's. And from what I remember since the MBR is on your WIN drive, you have to go back into cmos and change it to BOOT from the FIRST HDD drive where the MBR is. I think Linux is the default after 20 seconds if you dont select an OS. I forget how to edit LILO but it is in the forum someplace. When you do edit that file, when you are done, in the console always type "lilo" [without quotes] to update it. Otherwise you will have trouble. The good thing about putting KNOPPIX on your 2nd HDD is, if anything screws up, you can start over!!!! Nothing hurt!!! bob

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