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Thread: knoppix 3.4 ---> great job

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    knoppix 3.4 ---> great job

    Until now no linux distrobution has detected my sound card correctly. Now it has all changed, I can hear music in linux. The thing is that I don't know if it's because of knoppix hardware detection tools (which didn't work in version 3.3) or the new kernel (>2.6.x).
    Actually my question divides into 2 questions:
    1. Does anyone know if any changes to the detection tools have been made? or maybe it is the new kernel (sound card: SiS 701 which brings me to my next question:

    2. I want to install it. I currently have on my computer winxp & SuSE linux 9.0 with kernel 2.4.22, and my sound card does not work. I want to delete SuSE and install knoppix 2.6.6 to my HD, without damaging my winxp. Is there any guide which walks me through (in detail) all the install procedure, and all the things around it (e.g. bootloader)?

    thanks ...

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    ok, I see nobody cares about me , but I have installed knoppix using this guide After rebooting I get
    a messege similar to this (can't copy-paste you know):
    Ext3-fs: mounted filesystem with ordered data mode
     attemt to access beyond end of device
     hda7: rw=0, want=7864344, limit:6843627
     Ext3-fs error (device hda7): exts_get_inode_loc: unable to read
        inode block - inode: 480961, block=98042
     mount: fs type devfs not supported by kernel
     Init: no initab file found
     Init: can't open(/etc/, O_WRONLY): I/O error
     Enter runlevel: attmept to access beyond end of device
    anyone knows what seems to be the problem? I'm a complete noob, and really clueless
    about these messeges, however, when booting with the cd I see that in hda7 there
    is no /etc folder at all, but how could it happen?

    thank you

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    I agree they did a great job with 3.4! I'm writing because I wanted to tell you I do care about you! But I can't answer your questions, sorry... Maybe my bumping this will help!

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    Quote Originally Posted by linda
    I'm writing because I wanted to tell you I do care about you!
    thanks alot man. actually I got it to work now. for some reason the partition tool in
    the installer didn't work as it should and it completly ruined my partitions which also
    effected linux . I couldn't fix it using the cd with qparted or cfdisk, they both compained
    there's a problem and exited. luckily I still have winxp, and with some partition tool I
    re-partitioned the HD, booted again with knoppix and installed successfully.

    now I have some questions in the post-install area:
    a) how can I get the network card to load at startup, like when running from the CD?
    b) how do I use another partition for /home?

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