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Thread: Ezques external firewire hdd cannot mount

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    Ezques external firewire hdd cannot mount

    My friend told me that it is possible to use Linux to access a nonaccessible fat 32 partition. So I have an external firewire 120gb hdd (80gb used) which is not accessible.

    It was used in MAC OS X and keeps asking us to initialize it. SO i tried to access it in Window XP but whenever I click the drive, it asks me to format.

    So I booted Knoppix and the firewire drive showed up. Click on it and got the following error:

    “Could not mount device. The report error was mount: I could not determine the file system type & none was specified”

    How can I moun the hdd by other means as I need to recover 80gb of the data for my user


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    I'm prob out of my element here (MACOS = not me) but do you think the part. is not accessible because of a damaged partition table? I just had some luck using Knoppix to recover a W98 HD using a utility called gpart. It can sniff out and rebuild the MBR Partition table in some cases. It is on the knoppix cd and it ran from a super user term window. like gpart /dev/hdx The usage nfo on the CD is insufficient but I found a pretty good description on it's use on the web. Try google for gpart and see what you can find.
    If Knoppix found the HD that at least is a good sign. I'll try to help if we can come up with why the disk is not accessible. Lemme know.

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