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Thread: Knoppix not booting

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    Knoppix not booting

    I've downloaded the Knoppix 3.4 iso file twice (from two different mirrors) on two different machines and have verified both image files with the MD5SUM file. I've burned both images to a CD using Nero 5 and Nero 6 (yes, as an image, not as a data CD). I've tried booting both CDs on both CD-ROMs of both computers (8 combinations). I've triple checked the boot order for the CD-ROM first and the hard drive second on both machines. I'm up for any suggestions at this point.....thanks in advance for any reply.

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    What exactly is not working? Do the systems go on to the installed OS? Does knoppix attempt to load, but get hung at a certain point?

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    I hope it is not poor form to jump on here. I have a similar problem. I purchased a Knoppix 3.4 CD. I have tried to install it on two computers. One from a CD boot and both from a floppy boot all fails. With the floppy boot both computers boot and seem to recognize CD drives assigning them designations. Then it searches for Knoppix and says it can't find it and is dropping me to a limited shell. Looking at the Knoppix CD in Windows there are 9 folders and 8 files (such as root, boot, home, var,dev, etc, tmp, yos). All of these files show 0KB except yos which shows 1KB. I wonder if my CD is messed up. Any suggestions. I have tried putting in the commands knoppix nodma knoppix atapicd knoppix nopcmica in various combinations at the splash screen when booting from a floppy. Nothing helps.

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