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Some users don't even find the right section and have another modem question in the lounge.
Only because there was a thread recently active on the subject "no modem = no internet = lost user" in this very lounge and one would have thought that those who were paying attention would have realised that here was a refugee from Windows who might be about to be put off by lack of obvious support for (win)modems ?? do I have to give chapter and verse ? Or are you so without humour and short term memory ? If you are so troubled by "another modem question" perhaps a PM instead of a sideways comment might have been lady-like ?

And sometimes you have to make the people read the manpages.
Go on , make me ,,,

RTFM belongs to our culture.
And did you ever ask yourself why it has become such a joke, like FAQs ? because they are usually so garolous thet we never get to the point. let alone the end, they never (well, not often!) answer the question ** one had and if they did there wouldnt be a need for forums(or fora) would there ?

** and are out of date more often than not viz. boot.thingy that might have been valid pre 3.4 but aint worth a spit now
[oh I suppose I had better explain that as well: I refer the honerable person to a post I made earlier in GeneralSupport about the lack of a boot.img in the v3.6 iso, which I am sure now is a particular strategy on the part of the developers to confuse the new user, in spite of the much acclaimed desire to demonstrate and advocate Linux to the unawares via Knoppix ] Do I make myself clear on rtfm matters ? So there !pipe&smokeit

And windows-bashing needs to occur from time to time
Oh yes. (seriously, I do agree ! letus not forget our DOSer roots please)

PS I am underwhelmed by the GNUchess on the Knoppix distro btw if anyone is interested !

And, if anyone is still awake, suggestions on how to translitterate ones dialups from windows to knoppix id be interested, oh ! so sorry, I shud go do that in the windows forum I suppose ?

(edit a bit later) pardon me, I suppose I should have said "good bye" , to be polite.