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Thread: Need to transfer files from windows box to var/www on Linux

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    Need to transfer files from windows box to var/www on Linux

    I use DreamWeaver on my windows XP Home Edition box. I have a Knoppix 3.4 box running on my LAN and the Apache server works great. Knoppix is installed on HDD. I need to know how to setup some kind of system on Knoppix so that I can either FTP or somehow send the files on my xp box to my Linux box, SPECIFICALLY TO THE VAR/WWW FOLDER. I don't know if that means some form of FTP, Samba, etc. I'm not familiar enough with my options to ask the question clearly. Please help. I'm reasonably sure that once I get this figured out and I can Nvu to edit web pages, then I won't need to my Windows box except maybe for moving editing with microsoft movie maker, unless someone has a good alternative. Thank you for your time.

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    Hmmm how would I do this......aha!
    Get putty on your winbox. It's an ssh client. ssh into your Knoppix box. Of course you'l need to log in as someone who has write permissions for /var/www and use scp OR you could even boot Knoppix on the winbox, mount the drive that contains the files you want to transfer and still use scp through mc (midnight commander). Piece of cake.

    You could just copy them to any directory on the Linux box and mv them to /var/www as well.

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