Im Using BartPE for my Adminstuff, work very will when using CDWizard (Bootable CD Wizard) a bartPE plugin that can be found at

My problem is when

I copy the Knoppix compressed fs file to <cdroot>\KNOPPIX\KNOPPIX I use the boot image supplied all runs well until it cannot fine the Knoopix fs and kicks me to a simple txt enviroment.

I believe the problem somehow is related to the fact the CD I am making is using the iso level 4, ("mkisofs.exe -iso-level 4 -volid ""CFU_Combo"" -A PEBUILDER/MKISOFS -sysid ""Win32"" -b bootsect.bin -no-emul-boot -boot-load-size 4 -hide bootsect.bin -hide boot.catalog -o ""@IsoFile@"" ""@OutDir@""")

it expects to be have joiet support, my problem is i need the miniknoppix to work with the current CD format, so basicly I would like to use miniknoppix on the same CD as my BartPE is on.

I have currently got working verious Linux distro's but would really like to get this one working as its in English..

Is their a simple way of getting this image to boot up say using ISOLINUX or simlar, or better still directly using CDWizard. any idea's as i used up all mine.

Kind Regards