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Thread: Knoppix Cd Covers

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    Even though, as many may have guessed, I can be long-winded, and quite "verbose" and bulky in my responses, the "summary" of the response could be stated as: I like them... I had stated that in my original response, and though I didnt come right out and state that in the last response, I thought it would have been more "implied", as the "flow" of the response was in agreeance of the "image" in the first place.

    I think you do excellent image work, and the format / flow of your covers are not "cluttered" or "confusing" ( as it would be said in "artistic" circles )

    If I had a bunch of CD's on a table, yours would be 'instantly' recognizable as a "Knoppix" CD

    Is this more, what you were expecting?

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    sorry cuddles i am not feeling very great atm, so i am a little snappy.


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