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Thread: Screen Size Help

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    Screen Size Help

    I installed windows 2000 and Knoppix on 2 different partitions and setup LILO to boot both of them. Worked fine. Then, on my knoppix boot I set my screen reselution (likly spelled wrong) too big. Now, every time I boot it up, it works great until it loads KDE but then my monitor goes black and says "Over Range." How do I change my reselution without being in KDE?

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    I don't know if it'll help, but in the cheat codes when Knoppix is booting you can type knoppix screen=1024x768 or what ever your screen size may be.

    As I say, I don't know if that'll help you because I'm new to all this

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    Have a look in /etc/X11 if you have a backup of XF86Config-4. The backup could be named XF86Config-4~. Then do:
    mv XF86Config-4 XF86Config-4OLD
    mv XF86Config-4~ XF86Config-4
    Or you can boot the CD with the desired resolution and copy over the file to your hd-install.

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