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Phase 1: I would like to boot from a USB key, in my case, it's /dev/sda1/. There is a lot of info on the WIKI and this forum about doing that with previous versions, but I couldn't find anything relevant to version 3.4. I think bootfloppies are pointless.
As far as I know, the Knoppix CD can access USB keys and other 1394 peripherals after having mounted the loopback file (/knoppix/knoppix). Now what you are trying to do is different, you want the kernel (linux24) and the ramdisk (minirt24.gz) to be able to access the content of the USB dongle to mount the loopback file. This means that the kernel and the ramdisk should have the ressources to mount a USB device and the filesystem in it, and also the script (linuxrc) to to look for the loopback file. I am not sure if that is already the case, but if not it could probably be done. If I remember right the minirt24.gz ramdisk of the Knoppix 2.3 CD (which is a compressed ext2 filesystem) doesn't include any scsi driver, and I think that a USB dongle is seen as such a device. Now the question is: how can it be done and if someone have already done it, where can it be found ? This is quite similar to what I am trying to achieve right now... execpt that I am looking for a boot from a single NTFS partition already hosting XP and with a minimum of changes and risk for the user.

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Phase 2: I would like to integrate my cheatcodes into this boot image if possible. The idea being that if I want Windows running, I simply leave out the USB key and boot with the stock Windows XP bootloader. When I want Knoppix, I simply plug in the USB key, reboot, go get a beer, and when I come back from the kitchen, my knoppix 3.4/2.6 desktop is up and
waiting for me, printer file installed and apps in my PH available to me. IOW, I want to integrate the following cheatcode line"knoppix26 home=/dev/hdb5 myconfig=scan bootfrom=/dev/hdb5".
This could be done by using the proper boot loader (lilo or preferably grub) on your USB dongle and using the right boot parameters after the kernel command line, assuming that your BIOS can boot on a USB device. If not you can use grub.exe from the dos, or grldr (grub version which can be started from the NT/XP boot loader using a extra line in the boot.ini). Grldr can be located on either a fat16/32 or NTFS partition.

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Phase 3: When I can afford a 1 GB USB thumbdrive or larger (probably much larger), I want to integrate the Knoppix image, PH, configuration file and data into the thumbdrive as well, so that I can have access to my entire system, apps, preferences and data available to me from any x86 PC I can find with a USB port.
If the 1) can be done, then just add the loopback file system image in your dongle fat32 partition, add the right cheatcode and go drink your beer...

BTW: have you seen this: http://www.knoppix.net/forum/viewtop...t=5257&start=0

Hoping this will help a little bit... Cheers, Gilles