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    Forum Charter

    The idea was floated of a windows forum, so it's here.

    This forum is for all MS Windows related discussions, such as
    - Windows recovery using Knoppix
    - Problems with windows after running knoppix ( these happen rarely )
    - Support for windows people from (ex) windows people
    - Migration paths from windows, ie differences between MS and Open office
    - General discussion about open source/free software windows products ( mozilla, open office etc )

    The "windows people" in the windows forum wouldn't be here if they didn't want to learn and use linux .. it's a place for windows users who are wanting to switch or find out more about linux to ask other (ex)windows users about it.

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    Learning Knoppix and Linux

    I am new to Knoppix and sort of new to Linux. I have worked with computers all of my life - lots of that as a professor teaching using computers. I am interested in developing what I call courseware (involving games among other things) to teach Knoppix, Linux, etc. Is this the right place to connect with others who might share my interests?

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