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Thread: I need help using gpart

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    I need help using gpart

    I have a hard drive that im having trouble with i think i may have deleted the partition i've heard that you can recover partitions with gpart but i have never used it. Anyone know where i can find a walkthrough to recover the drive or something like that?

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    First, have a look at the manual. From a console type: man gpart.

    The basic syntax is: gpart (options) /dev/hdx where x is the drive in question. Be prepared to wait a long time while gpart does it's thing.

    It will print out information about the guessed partitions, but will not write that info as a partition table unless explicitly given the option to do so. Best to run it, carefully check the output and if it seems like what looking for then let it write the table. might be useful.

    Good luck!

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