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Thread: Knoppix Remaster Base (LittleK.iso)

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    Knoppix Remaster Base (LittleK.iso)

    Alright.. I am remastering a small knoppix distro that i plan on having contain the knoppix hardware support, and fluxbox as the standard desktop. The idea is to make the smallest possible distro to use to remaster off of, so everyone has an easier time of it. I am posting this list, and will edit it as people tell me what can be safely removed from it, with out compromizing the knoppix functionality.

    | Status=Not/Installed/Config-files/Unpacked/Failed-config/Half-installed
    |/ Err?=(none)/Hold/Reinst-required/X=both-problems (Status,Err: uppercase=bad)
    ||/ Name Version Description
    ii a2ps 4.13b-16 GNU a2ps 'Anything to PostScript' converter
    ii aalib-bin 1.4p5-17 sample programs using aalib
    ii aalib1 1.4p5-17 ascii art library
    ii adduser 3.48 Add and remove users and groups
    ii afio 2.4.7-7 Archive file manipulation program.
    ii airsnort 0.2.1b-2 WLAN sniffer
    ii alevt 1.6.1-2 X11 Teletext/Videotext browser
    ii alien 8.21 install non-native packages with dpkg
    ii amanda-client 2.4.2p2-4 Advanced Maryland Automatic Network Disk Arc
    ii amanda-common 2.4.2p2-4 Advanced Maryland Automatic Network Disk Arc
    ii amanda-server 2.4.2p2-4 Advanced Maryland Automatic Network Disk Arc
    ii anacron 2.3-7 a cron-like program that doesn't go by time
    ii apmd 3.0.2-6 Utilities for Advanced Power Management (APM
    ii apt 0.5.4 Advanced front-end for dpkg
    ii apt-utils 0.5.4 APT utility programs
    ii aptitude curses-based apt frontend
    ii arpwatch 2.1a11-6 Ethernet/FDDI station activity monitor.
    ii arts 1.0.4-1 Analog Realtime Synthesizer (aRts) metapacka
    ii artwiz-cursor 2.4 Artwiz futuristic mouse cursor for X
    ii ash-knoppix 0.2-3 A smaller version of the Bourne shell enhanc
    ii at 3.1.8-11 Delayed job execution and batch processing
    ii attr 2.0.12-1 Utilities for manipulating filesystem extend
    ii auctex 11.11-2 An integrated environment for writing TeX/La
    pi aumix-gtk 2.7-26 Simple mixer control program with GUI and te
    ii autoconf 2.54-2 automatic configure script builder
    ii autoconf2.13 2.13-47 automatic configure script builder (obsolete
    ii autofs 3.9.99-4.0.0pr A kernel-based automounter for Linux.
    ii automake1.5 1.5-5 A tool for generating GNU Standards-complian
    ii automount-knop 0.5-3 Auto-generate autofs(5) lines on demand
    ii autotools-dev 20020905.1 Update infrastructure for config.{guess,sub}
    hi autotrace 0.29-1.3 Bitmap to vector graphics converter
    ii base-config 1.44 Debian base configuration package
    ii base-files 3.0.5 Debian base system miscellaneous files
    ii base-passwd 3.4.2 Debian Base System Password/Group Files
    ii bash 2.05b-3 The GNU Bourne Again SHell
    ii bb 1.3rc1-3 An ASCII-art demo
    ii bc 1.06-8 The GNU bc arbitrary precision calculator la
    ii bin86 0.16.3-2 16-bit assembler and loader
    ii bind9 9.2.1-4 Internet Domain Name Server
    ii bing 1.0.5-3 Empirical stochastic bandwidth tester
    ii binutils The GNU assembler, linker and binary utiliti
    ii binutils-dev The GNU binary utilities (BFD development fi
    ii bison 1.75-1 A parser generator that is compatible with Y
    ii blt 2.4y-1 Shared libraries for blt
    ii blt-common 2.4y-1 Common run-time parts to the BLT libraries
    ii bochs IA-32 (x86) PC emulator
    ii bochs-x Bochs binary with X interface.
    ii bonnie++ 1.02c Hard drive bottleneck testing benchmark suit
    ii bonobo-activat 1.0.3-3 Bonobo Activation Framework
    ii bridge-utils 0.9.5-2 Utilities for configuring the Linux 2.4 brid
    ii brltty 3.0-1 Access software for a blind person using a s
    ii bsdmainutils 5.20020211-7 More utilities from FreeBSD.
    ii bsdutils 2.11n-4 Basic utilities from 4.4BSD-Lite.
    ii buffer 1.19-2 Buffering/reblocking program for tape backup
    ii byacc 1.9.1-1 The Berkeley LALR parser generator
    ii bzip2 1.0.2-1 A high-quality block-sorting file compressor
    ii c2man 2.41-14 Graham Stoney's mechanized man page generato
    pi cabextract 0.5-1 a program to extract Microsoft Cabinet files
    pi cdda2wav 1.10+11a34-1 Creates WAV files from audio CDs
    ii cddb 2.6-14 CD DataBase support tools
    ii cdparanoia 3a9.8-7 An audio extraction tool for sampling CDs.
    ii cdrdao 1.1.7-0.1 Write audio or mixed mode CD-Rs in disk-at-o
    ii cdrecord 1.10+11a34-1 A command line CD/DVD writing tool
    ii checkmem 0.5-2 Simple script to check if enough memory is a
    ii chkrootkit 0.36-1 Checks for signs of rootkits on the local sy
    ii cloop-module 0.67-1 The compressed loopback block device kernel
    ii cloop-utils 0.66-1 Tools for handling with cloop compressed vol
    ii colorgcc 1.3.2-4.2 Colorizer for GCC warning/error messages
    ii comerr-dev 2.0-1.29+1.30- The Common Error Description library - heade
    ii console-common 0.7.19 Basic infrastructure for text console config
    ii console-data 1999.08.29dbs- Keymaps, fonts, charset maps, fallback table
    ii console-tools 0.2.3-23.3 Linux console and font utilities.
    ii console-tools- 0.2.3-23.3 Shared libraries for Linux console and font
    ii coreutils 4.5.2-1 The GNU core utilities
    ii cpio 2.5-1 GNU cpio -- a program to manage archives of
    ii cpp 2.95.4-17 The GNU C preprocessor.
    ii cpp-2.95 2.95.4-11 The GNU C preprocessor.
    ii cpp-3.2 3.2.1-0pre3 The GNU C preprocessor.
    ii cramfsprogs 1.1-3 Tools for CramFs (Compressed ROM File System
    ii cron 3.0pl1-72 management of regular background processing
    ii csh 20020413-1 Shell with C-like syntax, standard login she
    ii cupsconfig-kno 0.5-6 Minimalistic cups configuration script for K
    rc cupsys 1.1.15-4 Common UNIX Printing System(tm) - server
    ii cupsys-bsd 1.1.15-4 Common UNIX Printing System(tm) - BSD comman
    ii cupsys-client 1.1.15-4 Common UNIX Printing System(tm) - client pro
    rc cupsys-driver- 4.2.2-pre2-1 Gimp-print printer drivers for CUPS
    ii dante-client Provides a SOCKS wrapper for users behind a
    ii dc 1.06-8 The GNU dc arbitrary precision reverse-polis
    ii dd-rescue 1.02-1 error-tolerant version of dd for rescuing da
    ii debconf 1.2.16 Debian configuration management system
    ii debconf-utils 1.2.16 debconf utilities
    ii debfoster 2.5-1 Install only wanted Debian packages
    ii debhelper 4.0.2 helper programs for debian/rules
    ii debianutils 1.16.7 Miscellaneous utilities specific to Debian
    ii debootstrap Bootstrap a basic Debian system
    ii deborphan 1.3-1 Find orphaned libraries.
    ii defoma 0.11.1 Debian Font Manager -- automatic font config
    ii defrag 0.73pjm1-1 ext2, minix and xiafs filesystem defragmente
    ii devscripts 2.7.1 Scripts to make the life of a Debian Package
    ii dh-make 0.31 Debianizing Tool for debhelper
    ii dhcp3-common 3.0+3.0.1rc9-5 Common files used by all the dhcp3* packages
    ii dhcp3-server 3.0+3.0.1rc9-5 DHCP server for automatic IP address assignm
    ii dialog 0.9b-20020814- Displays user-friendly dialog boxes from she
    ii dict 1.7.1-2 Dictionary Client
    ii dietlibc-dev 0.21-4 diet libc - a libc optimized for small size
    ii dietlibc-doc 0.21-4 diet libc documentation - a libc optimized f
    ii diff 2.8.1-1 File comparison utilities
    ii diffstat 1.28-1 produces graph of changes introduced by a di
    ii ding 1.2-2 Dictionary lookup program for Unix
    ii dlint 1.4.0-4 Checks dns zone information using nameserver
    ii dlocate 0.5-0.1 fast alternative to dpkg -L and dpkg -S
    ii dmapi 2.0.5-1 Data Management API runtime environment
    ii dnsutils 9.2.1-4 Clients provided with BIND
    ii doc-base 0.7.11 Utilities to manage online documentation
    ii docbook 4.2-1 SGML DTD for authors of technical documentat
    ii docbook-xml 4.2-1 XML DTD for DocBook, also known as DocBk XML
    ii dosfstools 2.8-1 Utilities to create and check MS-DOS FAT fil
    ii dpkg 1.10.9 Package maintenance system for Debian
    ii dpkg-dev 1.10.9 Package building tools for Debian
    ii dpkg-repack 1.11 puts an unpacked .deb file back together
    ii dselect 1.10.9 a user tool to manage Debian packages
    ii dump 0.4b31-1 4.4bsd dump and restore for ext2 filesystems
    ii dupload 2.6.1 utility to upload Debian packages
    ii dvgrab 1.01-2 Grab digital video data via IEEE1394 links
    ii dvipdfm 0.13.2c-8 A DVI to PDF translator.
    ii e2fsprogs 1.29+1.30-WIP- The EXT2 file system utilities and libraries
    ii ed 0.2-19 The classic unix line editor
    pi efax 0.9a-10 Programs to send and receive fax messages.
    ii efax-gtk 1.0.1a-1 A gtk front-end for the efax package
    ii eject 2.0.12-1 ejects CDs and operates CD-Changers under Li
    ii elvis-tiny 1.4-18 Tiny vi compatible editor for the base syste
    ii emacs21 21.2-1 The GNU Emacs editor.
    ii emacsen-common 1.4.15 Common facilities for all emacsen.
    ii enscript 1.6.3-1.1 Converts ASCII text to Postscript, HTML, RTF
    ii esound 0.2.28-2 Enlightened Sound Daemon - Support binaries
    ii esound-clients 0.2.28-2 Enlightened Sound Daemon - clients
    ii esound-common 0.2.28-2 Enlightened Sound Daemon - Common files
    ii etcskel-knoppi 0.5-21 Skeleton files for the KNOPPIX default user
    ii ethereal-commo 0.9.5-2 Network traffic analyser (common files)
    ii ettercap 0.6.7-1 Multipurpose sniffer/interceptor/logger for
    ii ettercap-plugi 0.6.7-1 Miscellaneous plugins for ettercap
    ii euro-support 1.14 Use euro character in your Debian system
    ii euro-support-c 1.14 Use euro character in your console environme
    ii euro-support-x 1.14 Use euro character in your X environment
    ii expect 5.38.0-2 A program that "talks" to other programs.
    ii expectk 5.38.0-2 A Tk/X11 version of the expect program.
    ii f2c 20020621-1 A FORTRAN 77 to C/C++ translator, plus stati
    ii fakeroot 0.4.5-2.7 Gives a fake root environment.
    ii fbi 1.24 linux FrameBuffer Imageviewer
    ii fbset 2.1-6.1 Framebuffer device maintenance program.
    ii fdflush 1.0.1-7 A disk-flushing program.
    ii fdisk-udeb 2.11u-3 Partition a hard drive (manual, cfdisk)
    ii fdutils 5.4-20020222-3 Linux floppy utilities
    ii festival 1.4.2-2.1 speech synthesis system
    ii festlex-cmu 1.4.0-1 CMU dictionary in Festival form
    ii festlex-poslex 1.4.0-1 Part of speech lexicons and ngram from Engli
    ii festvox-kallpc 1.4.0-1 American English male speaker for festival,
    ii fftw2 2.1.3-14 Library for computing Fast Fourier Transform
    pi file 3.39-1 Determines file type using "magic" numbers
    ii fileutils 4.5.2-1 GNU file management utilities
    ii findutils 4.1.7-2 utilities for finding files--find, xargs, an
    ii finger 0.17-6 User information lookup program.
    ii flex 2.5.4a-27 A fast lexical analyzer generator.
    ii fluxbox 0.1.10-2 Highly configurable and low resource X11 Win
    ii fonts-ttf-deco 1.3-1 Distributable True Type fonts collection
    ii fonts-ttf-west 1.3-1 Distributable True Type fonts collection
    ii foomatic-bin 2.0-20020911-0 Printer/Driver database and print system - b
    ii foomatic-db 2.0-20020911-0 Printer/Driver database and print system - m
    ii freetype-tools 1.4pre.2001032 Bundled tests, demos and tools for FreeType
    ii ftape-util 1.09.2002.03.2 Bleeding Edge floppy tape driver (utilities)
    ii ftp 0.17-10 The FTP client.
    ii ftpd 0.17-14 FTP server
    ii fttools 1.2-13 FreeType font utilities.
    ii g++ 2.95.4-17 The GNU C++ compiler.
    ii g++-2.95 2.95.4-11 The GNU C++ compiler.
    ii g77-3.2 3.2.1-0pre3 The GNU Fortran 77 compiler.
    ii gaim 0.58-2 GPL multi-protocol instant messenger client
    ii gaim-common 0.58-2 GPL multi-protocol instant messenger client
    ii gawk 3.1.1-1 GNU awk, a pattern scanning and processing l
    ii gcc 2.95.4-17 The GNU C compiler.
    ii gcc-2.95 2.95.4-11 The GNU C compiler.
    ii gcc-3.2 3.2.1-0pre3 The GNU C compiler.
    ii gcc-3.2-base 3.2.1-0pre3 The GNU Compiler Collection (base package).
    ii gcdmaster 1.1.7-0.1 Create audio CDs and write them in disk-at-o
    ii gcj-3.2 3.2.1-0pre3 The GNU compiler for Java(TM).
    ii gconf-editor 0.3.1-2 An editor for the GConf configuration system
    ii gconf2 1.2.1-4 GNOME configuration database system. (daemon
    ii gdb 5.2.cvs2002040 The GNU Debugger
    ii gdk-imlib1 1.9.14-11 imaging library for use with gtk (using libp
    ii genliloconf 0.1-3 simple utility for auto-generating of lilo.c
    ii gettext 0.10.40-8 GNU Internationalization utilities
    ii gettext-base 0.10.40-8 GNU Internationalization utilities for the b
    ii gettext-el 0.10.40-8 Emacs po-mode for editing .po files.
    ii gif2png 2.4.6-1 GIF -> PNG conversions
    ii giftrans 1.12.2-9 Convert any GIF file into a GIF89a.
    ii gksu 0.8.0-2 Gtk+ Frontend to su and sudo
    ii glibc-doc 2.2.5-14.3 GNU C Library: Documentation
    ii gnome-bin 1.4.2-8 Miscellaneous binaries used by GNOME
    ii gnome-libs-dat 1.4.2-8 Data for GNOME libraries
    ii gnuhtml2latex 0.2-1 A Perl script that converts html files to la
    ii gnupg 1.2.0-1 GNU privacy guard - a free PGP replacement.
    ii gocr 0.3.4-10 A commandline OCR
    ii gpa 0.4.3-2 The GNU Privacy Assistant
    ii gpart 0.1h-3 Guess PC disk partition table, find lost par
    ii gphoto2 2.1.1-2 The gphoto2 digital camera command-line clie
    ii gpm 1.19.6-12 General Purpose Mouse Interface
    ii gpsdrive 1.30-1 Car navigation system.
    ii gq 0.6.0-1 GTK-based LDAP client
    ii gqcam 0.9-1 GTK Webcam control
    ii grace 5.1.10-2 An XY plotting tool
    ii gramofile 1.6-4 Transfer sound from gramophone records to CD
    ii grep 2.4.2-3 GNU grep, egrep and fgrep.
    ii grep-dctrl 1.10 Grep Debian package information
    ii groff 1.18-7 GNU troff text-formatting system
    ii groff-base 1.18-7 GNU troff text-formatting system (base syste
    ii grub 0.92+cvs200209 GRand Unified Bootloader
    ii gscanbus 0.7.1-2 scan IEEE1394 (firewire/ bus
    ii gsfonts 6.0-2 Fonts for the ghostscript interpreter
    ii gsfonts-x11 0.16 Make Ghostscript fonts available to X11.
    ii gsm-utils 1.9-3 Application to access and control a GSM mobi
    ii gtans 1.1-7 Tangram (puzzle) game using GTK+
    ii gtetrinet 0.4.4-1 multiplayer tetris-like game
    ii gtk-engines-cl 1.1.6-1 CleanIce theme for GTK+ 2.x
    ii gtkam 0.1.2-2 GTK+ application for digital still cameras
    ii gtkglarea4 1.2.1-3 Gimp Toolkit OpenGL area widget shared libra
    ii guitar 0.1.4-9.1 A GTK+ archive extraction/viewing tool.
    ii gzip 1.3.5-1 The GNU compression utility.
    ii hdparm 4.5-1.2 Tune hard disk parameters for high performan
    ii hermes1 1.3.2-3 The Hermes pixel-format library
    ii hexedit 1.2.2-1 view and edit files in hexadecimal or in ASC
    ii host 20000331-8 Utility for Querying DNS Servers
    ii hostname 2.09 A utility to set/show the host name or domai
    ii hotplug 0.0.20020826-1 Linux Hotplug Scripts
    ii hotplug-knoppi 0.5-1 hotplug handler for KNOPPIX
    ii hotplug-utils 0.0.20020401-4 Linux Hotplug utility programs
    ii hping2 2.rc1-2 Active Network Smashing Tool
    ii html2text An advanced HTML to text converter.
    ii httptunnel 3.3-1 Tunnels a data stream in HTTP requests.
    ii hunt 1.5-3 Advanced packet sniffer and connection intru
    ii hwdata-knoppix 0.61-4 hardware identification / configuration data
    ii hwsetup 1.0-10 Automatic hardware setup using the kudzu lib
    ii ibod 1.5.0-2 ISDN MPPP bandwidth on demand daemon
    ii icewm 1.2.0-1 A wonderful Win95-OS/2-Motif-like window man
    ii icewm-common 1.2.2-1 A wonderful Win95-OS/2-Motif-like window man
    ii icewm-gnome 1.2.2-1 A wonderful Win95-OS/2-Motif-like window man
    ii ifupdown 0.6.4-4.4 High level tools to configure network interf
    ii imagemagick Image manipulation programs.
    ii imlib-base 1.9.14-6 Common files needed by the Imlib/Gdk-Imlib p
    ii imlib-progs 1.9.14-6 Configuration program for Imlib and GDK-Imli
    ii imlib1 1.9.14-11 imaging library for X and X11 (using libpng2
    ii indent 2.2.8-2 C language source code formatting program
    ii info 4.2-1 Standalone GNU Info documentation browser
    ii ingerman 20010414-0.1 New German orthography dictionary for ispell
    ii initrd-tools 0.1.34 Tools to generate an initrd image.
    ii ipchains 1.3.10-15 Network firewalling for Linux 2.2.x
    ii ipppd 3.1pre4-4 PPP daemon for syncPPP over ISDN
    ii iproute 20010824-8 Professional tools to control the networking
    ii iptables 1.2.7a-7 IP packet filter administration tools for 2.
    ii iptraf 2.7.0-2 Interactive Colorful IP LAN Monitor
    ii ipx Utilities to configure the kernel ipx interf
    ii ircii 20020912-2 Internet Relay Chat client
    ii irda-common 0.9.14-18 IrDA management utilities
    ii irda-tools 0.9.14-18 IrDA handling tools
    ii isapnptools 1.26-1 ISA Plug-And-Play configuration utilities.
    ii isdn-config 0.21-1 ISDN Configuration tool for QT
    ii isdnactivecard 3.1pre4-4 support for active ISDN cards and CAPI
    ii isdnlog 3.1pre4-4 ISDN connection logger
    ii isdnlog-data 3.1pre4-4 data for isdnlog users
    ii isdnutils 3.1pre4-4 Most important ISDN-related packages and uti
    ii isdnutils-base 3.1pre4-4 ISDN utilities, the basic (minimal) set
    ii isdnutils-xtoo 3.1pre4-4 ISDN utilities that use X
    ii isdnvboxclient 3.1pre4-4 ISDN answering machine, client
    ii isdnvboxserver 3.1pre4-4 ISDN answering machine, server
    ii ispell International Ispell (an interactive spellin
    ii j2se-common 1.1 Common facilities for all Java2 Standard Edi
    ii java-common 0.16 Base of all Java packages
    ii joe 2.8-21 user friendly full screen text editor
    ii john 1.6-17 An active password cracking tool
    ii joystick 20010903-2 Testing and calibration tools
    ii kbackup 1.2.11-11 A console single host backup solution for va
    ii kbackup-multib 1.2.11-11 Multibuf extends kbackup for multiple volume
    ii kbdconfig 0.5-3 Lightweight keyboard configuration tool for
    ii kde-update-men 0.5-2 Fixes the "Debian" submenus in KDE
    ii kdecarddecks 3.0.4-1 Card decks for KDE games
    ii kdelock-knoppi 0.5-1 Replaces the kdesktop_lock with non-locking
    ii kdesdk-scripts 3.0.4-1 a set of useful development scripts for KDE
    ii kdevelop-doc 2.1.3-1.3 Documentation for the kdevelop package
    ii kdoc 2.0a53-7 C++ and IDL Source Documentation System
    ii kernel-image-2 10.00.Custom Linux kernel binary image for version 2.4.20
    ii kernel-package 8.016 Debian Linux kernel package build scripts.
    ii kismet 1.4.2-4 Wireless 802.11b monitoring tool
    ii klogd 1.4.1-10 Kernel Logging Daemon
    ii knoppix-bookma 0.5-2 Bookmark file templates for KNOPPIX
    ii knoppix-hdinst 0.35-2 A Knoppix HD-installation script
    ii knoppix-menu 0.5-1 Menu structure and icons for the KDE/GNOME K
    ii knoppix-remoun 0.5-2 Minimalistic script for r/w remount of parti
    ii knoppix-sounds 0.5-1 2 of the Space Sounds taken from the Mandrak
    ii knoppix-termin 0.5-11 Starts all services necessary to boot KNOPPI
    ii kudzu 0.99.66-2 The Red Hat Linux hardware probing tool.
    ii kudzu-dev 0.99.66-2 Hardware detecting library
    ii kudzu-vesa 0.99.66-2 Hardware detecting library
    ii larswm 7.2.6-1 Lars Window Manager with tiled windows
    ii latex2rtf 1.9.13-3 convert from LaTeX to RTF format
    ii lbxproxy 4.2.1-4 Low Bandwidth X (LBX) proxy server
    ii lde 2.6.0-3 Linux Disk Editor
    ii less 378-2 A file pager program, similar to more(1)
    ii lesstif1 0.93.36-3 OSF/Motif implementation released under LGPL
    ii lftp 2.6.2-1 Sophisticated command-line FTP/HTTP client p
    ii liba52-0.7.4 0.7.4-1 Library for decoding ATSC A/52 streams.
    ii libao2 0.8.3-1 Cross Platform Audio Output Library
    ii libapm1 3.0.2-6 Library for interacting with APM driver in k
    ii libart2 1.4.2-8 The GNOME canvas widget - runtime files.
    ii libarts1 1.0.4-1 aRts Sound system
    ii libarts1-bin 1.0.4-1 aRts Sound system (binaries)
    ii libarts1-dev 1.0.4-1 aRts Sound system (development files)
    ii libarts1-glib 1.0.4-1 aRts Sound system (glib support libraries)
    ii libarts1-qt 1.0.4-1 aRts Sound system (qt/x11 support libraries)
    ii libasound2 0.9.0rc3-0.3 Advanced Linux Sound Architecture (libraries
    ii libatk1.0-0 1.0.3-2 The ATK accessibility library
    ii libatk1.0-dev 1.0.3-2 Development files for the ATK accessibility
    ii libattr1 2.0.12-1 Extended attribute shared library
    ii libaudio2 1.6-5 The Network Audio System (NAS). (shared libr
    ii libaudiofile-d 0.2.3-4 The Audiofile Library (Header files for deve
    ii libaudiofile0 0.2.3-4 The Audiofile Library
    ii libbonobo-acti 1.0.3-3 Bonobo Activation Framework -- runtime libra
    ii libbonobo2 1.0.22-1 The GNOME Bonobo library.
    ii libbonobo2-0 2.1.0-1 Bonobo CORBA interfaces library
    ii libbonobo2-com 2.1.0-1 Bonobo CORBA interfaces library -- developme
    ii libbz2-1.0 1.0.2-1 A high-quality block-sorting file compressor
    ii libbz2-dev 1.0.2-1 A high-quality block-sorting file compressor
    ii libc6 2.3.1-5 GNU C Library: Shared libraries and Timezone
    ii libc6-dev 2.3.1-5 GNU C Library: Development Libraries and Hea
    ii libcap1 1.10-12 support for getting/setting POSIX.1e capabil
    ii libcapi20 3.1pre4-4 libraries for CAPI support
    ii libcapplet1 1.5.11-4 Library for Gnome Control Center applets
    ii libcdk4 4.9.9-3 Curses Development Kit
    ii libcdparanoia0 3a9.8-7 Shared libraries for cdparanoia (runtime lib
    ii libcupsys2 1.1.15-4 Common UNIX Printing System(tm) - libs
    ii libcurl2 7.10.2-2 Multi-protocol file transfer library, now wi
    ii libdate-manip- 5.40-1 a perl library for manipulating dates
    ii libdb1-compat 2.1.3-7 The Berkeley database routines [glibc 2.0/2.
    ii libdb2 The Berkeley database routines (run-time fil
    ii libdb2-util The Berkeley database routines (development
    ii libdb3 3.2.9-17 Berkeley v3 Database Libraries [runtime]
    ii libdb3-util 3.2.9-17 Berkeley v3 Database Utilities
    ii libdbd-mysql-p 1.2219-4 mySQL database interface for Perl
    ii libdbi-perl 1.21-2 The Perl5 Database Interface by Tim Bunce
    ii libdigest-md5- 2.13-2 MD5 Message Digest for Perl
    ii libdns5 9.2.1-4 DNS Shared Library used by BIND
    ii libdps1 4.2.1-4 Display PostScript (DPS) client library
    ii libdvdnav1 0.1.3-1 The DVD navigation library
    ii libdvdread2 0.9.3-2 Simple foundation for reading DVDs.
    ii libesd0 0.2.28-2 Enlightened Sound Daemon - Shared libraries
    ii libestools1.2 1.2.2-2 Edinburgh Speech Tools Library
    ii libexif5 0.5.3-1 The EXIF library allows you to parse an EXIF
    ii libexif7 0.5.7-1 The EXIF library allows you to parse an EXIF
    ii libexpat1 1.95.2-9 XML parsing C library - runtime library
    ii libexpat1-dev 1.95.2-9 XML parsing C library - development kit
    ii libfam-dev 2.6.8-3 client library to control the FAM daemon - d
    ii libfam0 2.6.8-3 client library to control the FAM daemon
    ii libfreetype6 2.1.3-1 FreeType 2 font engine, shared library files
    ii libfreetype6-d 2.1.3-1 FreeType 2 font engine, development files
    ii libft-perl 1.2-13 Perl module for the FreeType library
    ii libg2c0 3.2.1-0pre3 Runtime library for GNU Fortran 77 applicati
    ii libgc6 6.0+6.1alpha4- Conservative garbage collector for C
    ii libgcc1 3.2.1-0pre3 GCC support library.
    ii libgcj-common 3.2.1-0pre3 Java runtime library (common files)
    ii libgcj3 3.2.1-0pre3 Java runtime library for use with gcj
    ii libgcj3-dev 3.2.1-0pre3 Java development headers and static library
    ii libgconf2-4 1.2.1-4 GNOME configuration database system librarie
    ii libgcrypt1 1.1.8-2 LGPL Crypto library - runtime library
    ii libgd-gif1 1.3-2 GD Graphics Library with gif support
    ii libgdbmg1 1.7.3-27.1 GNU dbm database routines (runtime version).
    ii libgdk-pixbuf- 0.21.0-1 The GdkPixBuf library - development files.
    ii libgdk-pixbuf2 0.21.0-1 The GdkPixBuf library.
    pc libgimpprint1 4.2.2-pre2-1 Gimp-print printer drivers - core library
    ii libglade2-0 2.0.1-2 Library to load .glade files at runtime.
    ii libglib1.2 1.2.10-6 The GLib library of C routines
    ii libglib1.2-dev 1.2.10-6 Development files for GLib library
    ii libglib2.0-0 2.0.7-1 The GLib library of C routines
    ii libglib2.0-dat 2.0.7-1 Common files for GLib library
    ii libglib2.0-dev 2.0.7-1 Development files for the GLib library
    ii libglide2 2001.01.26-1.1 Graphics library for 3Dfx Voodoo based cards
    ii libglide3 2001.01.26-1.1 Graphics library for 3Dfx Voodoo based cards
    ii libgnome32 1.4.2-8 The GNOME libraries
    ii libgnomecanvas 2.0.5-2 A powerful object-oriented display - common
    ii libgnomemm9 1.2.3-1 C++ wrapper for GNOME (shared library)
    ii libgnomeprint- 0.37-2 The GNOME Print architecture - binary files
    ii libgnomesuppor 1.4.2-8 The GNOME libraries (Support libraries)
    ii libgnomeui32 1.4.2-8 The GNOME libraries (User Interface)
    ii libgnorba27 1.4.2-8 GNOME CORBA services
    ii libgnorbagtk0 1.4.2-8 GNOME CORBA services (Gtk bindings)
    ii libgnutls5 0.5.9-2 GNU TLS library - runtime library
    ii libgphoto2-2 2.1.1-2 The gphoto2 digital camera library
    ii libgphoto2-por 2.1.1-2 The gphoto2 digital camera port library
    ii libgpmg1 1.19.6-12 General Purpose Mouse Library [libc6]
    ii libgsmme1 1.9-3 Library to access GSM mobile phones via mode
    ii libgtk-common 2.0.6-3 Empty package for upgrading libgtkx.x-common
    ii libgtk1.2 1.2.10-14 The GIMP Toolkit set of widgets for X
    ii libgtk1.2-comm 1.2.10-14 Common files for the GTK+ library
    ii libgtk1.2-dev 1.2.10-14 Development files for the GIMP Toolkit
    ii libgtk2.0-0 2.0.9-1 The GTK+ graphical user interface library
    ii libgtk2.0-0png 2.0.6-3 Dummy package for libgtk2.0-0
    ii libgtk2.0-comm 2.0.6-3 Common files for the GTK+ graphical user int
    ii libgtkmm1.2 1.2.10-1 C++ wrappers for GTK (shared libraries)
    ii libhtml-parser 3.25-1 A collection of modules that parse HTML text
    ii libhtml-tagset 3.03-1 Data tables pertaining to HTML
    ii libhtml-tree-p 3.11-2 represent and create HTML syntax trees
    ii libid3tag0 0.14.2b-4 ID3 tag reading library from the MAD project
    ii libident 0.22-2 simple RFC1413 client library - runtime
    ii libisc4 9.2.1-4 ISC Shared Library used by BIND
    ii libisccc0 9.2.1-4 Command Channel Library used by BIND
    ii libisccfg0 9.2.1-4 Config File Handling Library used by BIND
    ii libjcode-perl 2.13-1 Perl library for Japanese character code con
    ii libjcode-pm-pe 0.73-1 Perl extension interface to convert Japanese
    ii libjpeg-progs 6b-6 Programs for manipulating JPEG files
    ii libjpeg62 6b-6 The Independent JPEG Group's JPEG runtime li
    ii libjpeg62-dev 6b-6 Development files for the IJG JPEG library
    ii libkpathsea3 1.0.7+20011202 shared libkpathsea for teTeX
    ii liblcms1 1.09-2 Color management library
    ii liblcms1-dev 1.09-2 Color management library (Development header
    ii libldap2 2.0.23-14 OpenLDAP libraries (without TLS support).
    ii liblinc-dev 0.5.5-1 development libraries for creating networked
    ii liblinc1 0.5.5-1 library to simplify creating networked clien
    ii liblircclient0 0.6.5-6 LIRC client library
    ii liblockfile1 1.03 NFS-safe locking library, includes dotlockfi
    ii libltdl3 1.4.3-2 A system independent dlopen wrapper for GNU
    ii liblwres1 9.2.1-4 Lightweight Resolver Library used by BIND
    ii liblzo1 1.07-1 A real-time data compression library.
    ii libmad0 0.14.2b-4 MPEG audio decoder library
    ii libmagick5.5.2 Image manipulation library (free version).
    ii libmikmod2 3.1.10-3 A portable sound library
    ii libmime-base64 2.12-4 MIME/Base64 decoding for Perl
    ii libmng-dev 1.0.4-2 M-N-G library (Development headers)
    ii libmng1 1.0.4-2 Multiple-image Network Graphics library
    ii libmysqlclient 3.23.52-2 mysql database client library
    ii libnasl1 1.2.6-2 Nessus Attack Scripting Language, shared lib
    ii libncp Shared library used by programs that use Net
    ii libncurses5 5.3.20021109-2 Shared libraries for terminal handling
    ii libncurses5-de 5.3.20021109-2 Developer's libraries and docs for ncurses
    ii libnessus1 1.2.6-1 Nessus shared libraries
    ii libnet-perl 1.12-1 Implementation of Internet protocols for Per
    ii libnetpbm9 9.20-8 Shared libraries for netpbm.
    ii libnewt-dev 0.50.17-9.6 Developer's toolkit for newt windowing libra
    ii libnewt0 0.50.17-9.6 Not Erik's Windowing Toolkit - text mode win
    ii libnkf-ruby 1.6.7-3 Network Kanji code conversion Filter for Rub
    ii libnss3 1.2.1-3 Network Security Service Libraries - runtime
    ii libntfs3 1.6.0-1 Library that provides common NTFS access fun
    ii libogg0 1.0.0-1 Ogg Bitstream Library
    ii libopencdk0 0.2.0-1 Open Crypto Development Kit (OpenCDK) (runti
    ii liborbit0 0.5.17-5 Libraries for ORBit - a CORBA ORB
    ii liborbit2 2.4.4-1 Libraries for ORBit2 - a CORBA ORB
    ii libpam-modules 0.76-7 Pluggable Authentication Modules for PAM
    ii libpam-runtime 0.76-7 Runtime support for the PAM library
    ii libpam0g 0.76-7 Pluggable Authentication Modules library
    ii libpango-commo 1.0.4-2 Empty package for upgrading libpangox.x-comm
    ii libpango1.0-0 1.0.5-3 Layout and rendering of internationalized te
    ii libpango1.0-co 1.0.4-2 Modules and configuration files for the Pang
    ii libpaperg 1.1.8 Library for handling paper characteristics
    ii libparagui1.0 0.1.0-1 a real crossplatform widget set based on SDL
    ii libparted1.6-0 1.6.3-3 The GNU Parted disk partitioning library, sh
    ii libpcap0 0.6.2-2 System interface for user-level packet captu
    ii libpcap0.7 0.7.1-1 System interface for user-level packet captu
    ii libpcd 1.0 A library for reading PhotoCD images
    ii libpcre3 3.4-1.1 Philip Hazel's Perl Compatible Regular Expre
    ii libpcre3-dev 3.4-1.1 Development stuff for libpcre
    ii libpcsclite0 1.1.2-ubeta2-1 PC/SC Lite client library
    ii libperl5.6 5.6.1-7 Shared Perl library.
    ii libpisock++0 0.11.4-1 C++ libraries for communicating with a PalmO
    ii libpisock8 0.11.4-1 Libraries for communicating with a PalmOS PD
    ii libpng12-0 1.2.5-6 PNG library - runtime
    ii libpng12-0-dev 1.2.5-6 PNG library - development
    ii libpng2 1.0.12-6 PNG library - runtime
    ii libpng3 1.2.5-6 PNG library - runtime
    ii libpng3-dev 1.2.5-6 PNG library - development
    ii libpopt-dev 1.6.4-2 lib for parsing cmdline parameters - develop
    ii libpopt0 1.6.4-2 lib for parsing cmdline parameters
    ii libproplist0 0.10.1-6 PropList closely mimics the property lists f
    ii libqt3 3.0.5-4 Qt GUI Library (runtime files)
    ii libqt3-dev 3.0.5-4 Qt GUI development files
    ii libqt3-mt 3.0.5-4 Qt GUI Library (Threaded runtime version)
    ii libqt3-mt-dev 3.0.5-4 Qt Threaded development files
    ii libquicktime4l 1.3-5 A library for reading and writing Quicktime
    ii libqxt0 3.0.5-4 Qt Xt/Motif Support Extension
    ii libraw1394-5 0.9.0-2 library for direct access to IEEE 1394 bus (
    ii libreadline4 4.3-4 GNU readline and history libraries, run-time
    ii librpm4 4.0.4-11 RPM shared library
    ii libruby 1.6.7-3 Libraries necessary to run Ruby
    ii libsasl-dev 1.5.27-3.3 Development files for authentication abstrac
    ii libsasl7 1.5.27-3.3 Authentication abstraction library.
    ii libscrollkeepe 0.3.11-2 Library to load .omf files (runtime files)
    ii libsdl-image1. 1.2.2-3 image loading library for Simple DirectMedia
    ii libsdl-mixer1. 1.2.4-1.1 mixer library for Simple DirectMedia Layer 1
    ii libsdl-mm0.1 0.1.8-4 C++ wrapper for Simple DirectMedia Layer
    ii libsdl-net1.2 1.2.2-1.1 network library for Simple DirectMedia Layer
    ii libsdl-perl 1.16-3.2 SDL bindings for the Perl language.
    ii libsdl-ttf1.2 1.2.2-1.1 ttf library for Simple DirectMedia Layer
    ii libsdl1.2-dev 1.2.4-1 Simple DirectMedia Layer development files
    ii libsdl1.2debia 1.2.4-1 Simple DirectMedia Layer
    ii libsdl1.2debia 1.2.4-1 Simple DirectMedia Layer (with X11 and OSS o
    ii libsgmls-perl 1.03ii-23 Perl modules for processing SGML parser outp
    ii libsigc++0 1.0.4-3 Type-safe Signal Framework for C++ - runtime
    ii libsmpeg0 0.4.4-8 SDL MPEG Player Library - shared libraries
    ii libssl-dev 0.9.6g-6 SSL development libraries, header files and
    ii libssl0.9.6 0.9.6g-6 SSL shared libraries
    ii libstdc++2.10- 2.95.4-11 The GNU stdc++ library (development files)
    ii libstdc++2.10- 2.95.4-15 The GNU stdc++ library
    ii libstorable-pe 2.00-1 Storable extension for Perl5
    ii libtasn1-0 0.1.2-1 Manage ASN.1 structures (runtime)
    ii libtext-iconv- 1.2-1 Convert between character sets in Perl
    ii libtiff3g 3.5.5-6 Tag Image File Format library
    ii libtool 1.4.2-7.1 Generic library support script
    ii libtowitoko2 2.0.7-2 Towitoko smartcard reader PCSC and CT-API dr
    ii libttf2 1.4pre.2001102 FreeType 1, The FREE TrueType Font Engine, s
    ii libungif4g 4.1.0b1-3 shared library for GIF images (runtime lib)
    ii liburi-perl 1.18-1 Manipulates and accesses URI strings
    ii libusb-0.1-4 0.1.6a-2.1 Userspace USB programming library
    ii libusb-dev 0.1.6a-2.1 Userspace USB programming library developmen
    ii libvncauth0 3.3.3r2-21 Virtual network computing authentication lib
    ii libvorbis0 1.0.0-1 The Vorbis General Audio Compression Codec
    ii libvorbisenc2 1.0.0-1 The Vorbis General Audio Compression Codec
    ii libvorbisfile3 1.0.0-1 The Vorbis General Audio Compression Codec
    ii libweakref-per 0.01-3 perl module to create weak references
    ii libwmf-bin 0.2.7-1 Windows metafile conversion tools.
    ii libwmf0.2-7 0.2.7-1 Windows metafile conversion library.
    ii libwrap0 7.6-ipv6.1-3 Wietse Venema's TCP wrappers library
    ii libwrap0-dev 7.6-ipv6.1-3 Wietse Venema's TCP wrappers library, develo
    ii libwraster2 0.80.1-3 Shared libraries of Window Maker rasterizer.
    ii libwww-perl 5.65-0.1 WWW client/server library for Perl
    ii libxaw6 4.2.1-4 X Athena widget set library (version 6)
    ii libxaw7 4.2.1-4 X Athena widget set library
    ii libxaw7-dev 4.2.1-4 X Athena widget set library development file
    ii libxdelta2 1.1.3-4 xdelta runtime library
    ii libxine0 0.9.13-3 the xine video/media player library, binary
    ii libxml-grove-p 0.46alpha-7 Perl module for accessing parsed *ML instanc
    ii libxml-parser- 2.31-1 Perl module for parsing XML files
    ii libxml-perl 0.07-7 Perl modules for working with XML
    ii libxml-twig-pe 3.09-1 Perl module for processing huge XML document
    ii libxml1 1.8.17-2 GNOME XML library
    ii libxml2 2.4.28-2 GNOME XML library
    ii libxml2-dev 2.4.28-2 Development files for the GNOME XML library
    ii libxslt1 1.0.21-0.2 XSLT processing library
    ii lilo 22.3.3-2 LInux LOader - The Classic OS loader can loa
    ii lincity 1.11-6 Build & maintain a city/country
    ii lincity-x 1.11-6 X binaries for lincity
    ii links-ssl 0.98-1 Character mode WWW browser with SSL
    ii lintian 1.21.6 Debian package checker
    ii linux-wlan-ng 0.1.15-1 utilities for wireless prism2 cards
    ii linux-wlan-ng- 2.4.20-xfs+0.1 drivers for wireless prism2 cards
    ii linuxvideostud 0.1.5-1 MJPEG-tools GTK graphical user interface
    ii loadlin 1.6a-6 a loader (running under DOS) for LINUX kerne
    ii locales 2.3.1-5 GNU C Library: National Language (locale) da
    ii lockfile-progs 0.1.9 Programs for locking and unlocking files and
    ii login 20000902-12 System login tools
    ii logo-knoppix 3.1-1 The background wallpaper for KNOPPIX
    ii logrotate 3.6.5-2 Log rotation utility
    ii loop-aes 1.6i-1 AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) Kernel mo
    ii lrzsz 0.12.21-4 Tools for zmodem/xmodem/ymodem file transfer
    ii lsof 4.64-1 List open files.
    ii lvm-common 1.5.5 The Logical Volume Manager for Linux (common
    ii lvm10 1.0.4-6 The Logical Volume Manager for Linux
    ii lynx-ssl Text-mode WWW Browser supporting SSL
    ii lzop 1.00-4 A real-time compressor.
    ii m4 1.4-14 a macro processing language
    ii macutils 2.0b3-12 Set of tools to deal with specially encoded
    ii mailx 8.1.2-0.200204 A simple mail user agent.
    ii make 3.79.1-15 The GNU version of the "make" utility.
    ii makedev 2.3.1-59 Creates device files in /dev.
    ii man-db 2.4.0-10 The on-line manual pager
    ii manpages 1.48-2 Manual pages about using a GNU/Linux system
    ii manpages-dev 1.48-2 Manual pages about using GNU/Linux for devel
    ii mawk 1.3.3-9 a pattern scanning and text processing langu
    ii mbr 1.1.5-1 Master Boot Record for IBM-PC compatible com
    ii mc 4.5.55-1.2 Midnight Commander - A powerful file manager
    ii mc-common 4.5.55-1.2 Common files for mc and gmc
    ii mdadm 1.0.1-1 Manage MD devices aka Linux Software Raid
    pi menu 2.1.5-14 provides update-menus functions for some app
    ii mgp 1.09a-7 MagicPoint- an X11 based presentation tool
    ii mikmod 3.1.6-4 Portable tracked music player
    ii mime-support 3.20-1 MIME files 'mime.types' & 'mailcap', and sup
    ii mindi 0.58.r5-1 Creates boot/root disks based on your system
    ii minicom 1.83.1-5 Clone of the MS-DOS "Telix" communications p
    ii mkdesktophdico 0.5-1 Automatic KDE/GNOME Desktop harddisk icon cr
    ii mkdosswapfile- 0.5-11 Shell GUI for generation of Swapfiles on DOS
    ii mkisofs 1.10+11a34-1 Creates ISO-9660 CD-ROM filesystem images.
    ii mkmenusfromkde 0.5-2 Menu converter, generates TWM menus from KDE
    ii mknbi 1.2.7-2 Create tagged images for Etherboot or Netboo
    ii modconf 0.2.44 Device Driver Configuration
    ii modutils 2.4.19-3 Linux module utilities.
    ii mondo 1.41.1-1 System to backup your filesystem to CDs
    ii mount-aes 2.11x-1 Tools for mounting and manipulating filesyst
    ii mouseconfig 0.5-2 Lightweight mouse configuration tool for Kno
    pc mozilla-locale 1.2.1-3 Mozilla German Language/Region Package.
    ii mpack 1.5-9 Tools for encoding/decoding MIME messages.
    ii mpage 2.5.1pre-6 print multiple pages per sheet on PostScript
    ii mpg321 A Free command-line mp3 player, compatible w
    ii mt-st 0.7-2 Linux SCSI tape driver aware magnetic tape c
    ii mtools 3.9.8-10 Tools for manipulating MSDOS files
    ii mtr 0.51-1 Full screen ncurses and X11 traceroute tool
    ii mutt 1.4.0-4 Text-based mailreader supporting MIME, GPG,
    ii mysql-client 3.23.52-2 mysql database client binaries
    ii mysql-common 3.23.52-2 mysql database common files (e.g. /etc/mysql
    ii mysql-server 3.23.52-2 mysql database server binaries
    ii nasm 0.98.34-1 General-purpose x86 assembler
    ii ncftp 3.1.5-1 A user-friendly and well-featured FTP client
    ii ncpfs Utilities to use resources from NetWare serv
    ii ncurses-base 5.2.20020112a- Descriptions of common terminal types
    ii ncurses-bin 5.2.20020112a- Terminal-related programs and man pages
    ii nessus 1.2.6-2 Remote network security auditor, the client
    ii nessus-plugins 1.2.6-1 Nessus plugins
    ii nessusd 1.2.6-2 Remote network security auditor, the server
    ii net-tools 1.60-4 The NET-3 networking toolkit
    ii netbase 4.08 Basic TCP/IP networking system
    ii netcardconfig- 0.5-14 Minimalistic ncurses/dialog-based network co
    ii netcat 1.10-22 TCP/IP swiss army knife
    ii netcdfg3 3.5.0-7 An interface for scientific data access.
    ii netkit-inetd 0.10-9 The Internet Superserver
    ii netkit-ping 0.10-9 The ping utility from netkit
    ii netpbm 9.20-8 Graphics conversion tools.
    ii netpipe-tcp 2.4-4 A network performance tool using the TCP pro
    ii netpipes 4.2-1 a package to manipulate BSD TCP/IP stream so
    ii networkconfig- 0.5-2 KDE/GNOME Menus for network configuration in
    ii nfs-common 1.0.2-1 NFS support files common to client and serve
    ii nfs-kernel-ser 1.0.2-1 Kernel NFS server support
    ii nis 3.9-6.2 Clients and daemons for the Network Informat
    ii nmap 3.00-0.1 The Network Mapper
    ii nparted 0.1-7 Newt and GNU Parted based disk partition tab
    ii ntfstools 1.6.0-1 Tools for doing neat things in NTFS partitio
    ii ntpdate 4.1.0-8 The ntpdate client for setting system time f
    ii nvtv 0.4.0-2 tool to control the TV chips on NVidia cards
    pi ogle 0.8.5-2 DVD player with support for DVD menus
    ii openssl 0.9.6g-6 Secure Socket Layer (SSL) binary and related
    ii paragui-themes 0.1.0-1 Standard themes for the widget set library
    ii parted 1.6.3-3 The GNU Parted disk partition resizing progr
    ii partimage 0.6.2rc11-1 Linux/UNIX utility to save partitions in a c
    ii partimage-serv 0.6.2rc11-1 Server to use partimage across a network
    ii passwd 20000902-12 Change and administer password and group dat
    ii patch 2.5.4-11 Apply a diff file to an original
    ii pciutils 2.1.10-3 Linux PCI Utilities (for 2.[12345].x kernels
    ii pciutils-dev 2.1.10-3 Linux PCI Utilities (for 2.[12345].x kernels
    ii pcmcia-cs 3.2.2-1 PCMCIA Card Services for Linux.
    ii pcscd 1.1.2-ubeta2-1 PC/SC Lite resource manager daemon
    ii pdmenu 1.2.76 simple full screen menu program
    ii perl 5.6.1-7 Larry Wall's Practical Extraction and Report
    ii perl-5.6 6.3 Transitional package.
    ii perl-5.6-doc 6.3 Transitional package.
    ii perl-base 5.6.1-7 The Pathologically Eclectic Rubbish Lister.
    ii perl-doc 5.6.1-7 Perl documentation.
    ii perl-modules 5.6.1-7 Core Perl modules.
    ii pilot-link 0.11.4-1 Tools to communicate with a PalmOS PDA over
    ii pkg-config 0.14.0-0.4 program and autoconf macro to gather compile
    ii playvideodisk- 0.5-2 Frontend for xine to change DVD-device on-th
    ii portmap 5-2 The RPC portmapper
    ii powermgmt-base 1.9 Common utils and configs for power managemen
    ii ppmtofb 0.31 Display netpbm graphics on Linux framebuffer
    ii ppp 2.4.1.uus-4 Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP) daemon.
    ii ppp-scripts-kn 0.5-1 PPP connection scripts for various providers
    ii pppconfig 2.0.15 A text menu based utility for configuring pp
    ii pppdcapiplugin 3.1pre4-4 plugin for pppd to communicate with CAPI-cap
    ii pppoe 3.3-1.2 PPP over Ethernet driver
    ii pppoeconf configures PPPoE/ADSL
    ii pppstatus 0.4.2-3 console-based PPP status monitor
    ii pptp-linux 1.1.0-2 Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP) Cli
    ii procinfo 17-1 Gathers and displays misc. system informatio
    ii procmail 3.22-4 Versatile e-mail processor.
    ii procps 2.0.7-10 The /proc file system utilities.
    ii proxymngr 4.2.1-4 X proxy services manager
    ii psfontmgr 0.11.1 PostScript font manager -- part of Defoma, D
    ii psmisc 21.2-1 Utilities that use the proc filesystem
    ii psutils 1.17-15 A collection of PostScript document handling
    ii pump 0.8.11-8 Simple DHCP/BOOTP client.
    ii python 2.1.3-4 An interactive object-oriented scripting lan
    ii python-glade2 1.99.13-3 GTK+ bindings: Glade support.
    ii python-gtk2 1.99.13-3 Python bindings for the GTK+ widget set.
    ii python-imaging 1.1.3-1 The Python Imaging Library.
    ii python-tk 2.1.3-4 Tkinter - Writing Tk applications with Pytho
    ii python-xmlbase 2.1.3-4 XML support included in Python (default vers
    ii python2.1 2.1.3-4 An interactive object-oriented scripting lan
    ii python2.1-imag 1.1.3-1 The Python Imaging Library.
    ii python2.1-tk 2.1.3-4 Tkinter - Writing Tk applications with Pytho
    ii python2.1-xmlb 2.1.3-4 XML support included in Python (v2.1)
    ii python2.2 2.2.1-6 An interactive object-oriented scripting lan
    ii python2.2-glad 1.99.13-3 GTK+ bindings: Glade support.
    ii python2.2-gtk2 1.99.13-3 Python bindings for the GTK+ widget set.
    ii qt3-tools 3.0.5-4 Qt GUI Designer and other Qt3 based tools
    ii raidtools2 0.90.20010914- Utilities to support 'new-style' RAID disks
    ii rcs 5.7-13 The GNU Revision Control System
    ii rdate 1.4-1 Set the system's date from a remote host.
    ii rdesktop 1.1.0+cvs20020 RDP client for Windows NT/2000 Terminal Serv
    ii rebuildfstab-k 0.5-4 fstab-rebuilder for KNOPPIX
    ii reiserfsprogs 3.6.3-1 User-level tools for ReiserFS filesystems
    ii rfb 0.6.1-2 VNC Server for X11 - exports current dislpay
    ii rootshell-knop 0.5-2 Menu entry for starting a Root Shell
    ii rpm 4.0.4-11 Red Hat package manager
    ii rsync 2.5.5-0.2 fast remote file copy program (like rcp)
    ii rtf2latex 1.0fc1-3 Convert RTF files to LaTeX
    ii ruby 1.6.7-3 An interpreter of object-oriented scripting
    ii rxvt-beta 2.7.8-5 VT102 terminal emulator for the X Window Sys
    ii s3switch 0.0.20020501-1 Manage the output device on S3 Savage chips
    ii samba 2.2.3a-6 A LanManager like file and printer server fo
    ii samba-common 2.2.3a-6 Samba common files used by both the server a
    ii sash 3.4-8.2 Stand-alone shell.
    ii saveconfig-kno 0.5-10 Shell GUI for generation of a KNOPPIX config
    ii scanpartitions 0.5-4 fstab-helper for KNOPPIX
    ii scantv 3.72 scan TV channels for stations
    ii scli 0.2.12-1 a collection of SNMP command line management
    ii scotty 00-02-21-2 The Scotty and Tkined Network Management Too
    ii scrollkeeper 0.3.11-2 A free electronic cataloging system for docu
    ii scsiadd 1.41-1 Add or remove SCSI devices by rescanning the
    ii sed 3.02-8 The GNU sed stream editor.
    ii sendfile 2.1-26 Simple Asynchronous File Transfer
    ii setserial 2.17-30 Controls configuration of serial ports.
    ii sgml-base 1.17 utilities to maintain SGML catalog files
    ii sgml-data 1.5.5 common SGML DTDs and entities
    ii shaper 2.2.12-0.7-2 Traffic Shaper init script for Linux
    ii sharutils 4.2.1-9 shar, unshar, uuencode, uudecode
    ii shellutils 4.5.2-1 The GNU shell programming utilities.
    ii sitar 0.7.2-1 SITAR - System InformaTion At Runtime
    ii sketch 0.6.13-1 Interactive vector drawing program for X11
    ii slang1 1.4.5-1 The S-Lang programming library - runtime ver
    ii slang1-dev 1.4.5-1 The S-Lang programming library, development
    ii slrn threaded news reader (fast for slow links)
    ii smail Electronic mail transport system.
    ii smartsuite 2.1-1 SMART suite - SMART utility suite for Linux
    ii smbclient 2.2.3a-6 A LanManager like simple client for Unix.
    ii smbfs 2.2.3a-6 mount and umount commands for the smbfs (for
    ii smpeg-gtv 0.4.4-8 SMPEG GTK+ MPEG audio/video player
    ii smpeg-plaympeg 0.4.4-8 SMPEG command line MPEG audio/video player
    ii smpeg-xmms 0.3.5-1 SDL MPEG Player Library - XMMS plugin
    ii sndconfig 0.68-4 Easy soundcard configuration
    ii sound-recorder 0.06-4 Direct-to-disk recording and play-back progr
    ii soundcardconfi 0.5-2 Starts sndconfig as root
    ii sox 12.17.3-6 A universal sound sample translator.
    ii squid 2.4.7-1 Internet Object Cache (WWW proxy cache)
    ii ssh 3.4p1-4 Secure rlogin/rsh/rcp replacement (OpenSSH)
    ii sshstart-knopp 0.5-2 Starts SSH and sets a password for the knopp
    ii sslwrap 2.0.6-5 Simple TCP service encryption using TLS/SSL
    ii startnessus-kn 0.5-3 Local nessus server and client startup scrip
    ii statserial 1.1-20 Displays serial port modem status lines
    ii strace 4.4-1.2 A system call tracer.
    ii stunnel 3.22-1 Universal SSL tunnel for network daemons
    ii sudo 1.6.6-3 Provides limited super user privileges to sp
    ii sudoers-knoppi 0.5-1 /etc/sudoers for the knoppix user
    ii svgalibg1 1.4.3-10 Console SVGA display utilities
    ii symlinks 1.2-4 scan/change symbolic links
    ii sysklogd 1.4.1-10 System Logging Daemon
    ii syslinux-knopp 1.76-0 Bootloader for Linux/i386 using MS-DOS flopp
    ii sysvinit 2.84-142 System-V like init with KNOPPIX scripts.
    hc sysvinit-knopp 2.84-1 System-V like init with KNOPPIX scripts.
    ii t1lib1 1.3.1-1 Type 1 font rasterizer library - runtime
    ii tar 1.13.25-3 GNU tar
    ii task-debug 0.7 Debugging of C, C++, Objective C and friends
    ii tasksel 1.21 Tool for selecting tasks for installation on
    ii tcl8.3 8.3.3-8 The Tool Command Language (TCL) v8.3 - Run-T
    ii tcpd 7.6-ipv6.1-3 Wietse Venema's TCP wrapper utilities
    ii tcpdump 3.6.2-2.1 A powerful tool for network monitoring and d
    ii tct 1.11-5 Forensics related utilities.
    ii telnet-ssl 0.17.17+0.1-2 The telnet client with SSL encryption suppor
    ii telnetd 0.17-19 The telnet server.
    ii testdisk 4.0-1 Partition scanner and disk recovery tool.
    pi tetex-base 1.0.2+20011202 basic teTeX library files
    ii tetex-bin 1.0.7+20011202 teTeX binary files
    ii tetex-eurosym 1.0-3 Euro symbol for LaTeX
    ii texinfo 4.2-1 Documentation system for on-line information
    ii textutils 4.5.2-1 The GNU text file processing utilities
    ii tftp 0.17-9 Trivial file transfer program.
    ii tftpd-hpa 0.28-2.1 HPA's tftp server
    ii thttpd 2.21b-12 tiny/turbo/throttling HTTP server
    ii tidy 20020301-1 HTML syntax checker and reformatter
    ii timeout 1.11-5 Run a command with a time limit.
    ii timidity 2.11.2-1.3 Software-only MIDI sequencer.
    ii tix41 The Tix library for Tk, version 4.1 -- runti
    ii tk8.3 8.3.3-9 The Tk toolkit for TCL and X11 v8.3 - Run-Ti
    ii tmake 1.7-6 a cross-platform makefile tool
    ii tnef 1.1.1-0.1 Tool to unpack MIME application/ms-tnef atta
    ii traceroute 1.4a12-10 Traces the route taken by packets over a TCP
    ii trans-de-en 1.2-2 A German-English translation dictionary
    ii transfig 3.2.3.d-rel-3 Utilities for printing figures from xfig.
    ii tsocks 1.8beta4-2 transparent network access through a SOCKS 4
    ii ttmkfdir 1.0-10 An utility for creating fonts.scale file for
    ii twm 4.2.1-4 Tab window manager
    ii txt2regex 0.7-4 A Regular Expression "wizard", all written w
    ii type1inst 0.6.1-3.1 Install Adobe Type 1 fonts into X11 and Ghos
    ii unifont 1.0-1 X11 dual-width GNU unicode font
    ii unp 1.0.6 unpack (almost) everything with one command
    ii unzip 5.50-1 De-archiver for .zip files
    ii unzoo 4.4-1 zoo archive extractor
    ii update 2.11-4 daemon to periodically flush filesystem buff
    ii urlview 0.9-2.1 Extracts URLs from text
    ii usbutils 0.9-1 USB console utilities
    ii usbview 1.0-3 USB device viewer
    ii user-de 0.18 Settings for german speaking users
    ii usleep-knoppix 0.5-1 sleeps for a number of microseconds, see man
    ii util-linux 2.11x-1 Miscellaneous system utilities.
    ii util-linux-loc 2.11x-1 Locales files for util-linux
    ii uudeview 0.5.18-5 Smart multi-file multi-part decoder (command
    ii v4l-conf 3.72 tool to configure video4linux drivers
    ii vcdtools 0.4-1 Creates Video CD (VCD) filesystem images
    ii vflib2 2.25.1-16 Vector Font Library for Japanese Character C
    ii vgabios 0.3a-2 VGA BIOS software for the Plex86 and Bochs e
    ii vim 6.1.048-1 Vi IMproved - enhanced vi editor
    ii vim-gtk 6.1.048-1 Vi IMproved - GTK version
    ii vim-scripts 4-1 plugins for vim, adding bells and whistles
    ii vlc 0.3.1-1 a free MPEG and DVD player
    ii vlc-aa 0.3.1-1 ASCII art plugin for vlc
    ii vlc-gtk 0.3.1-1 Gtk+ plugin for vlc
    ii vnc-common 3.3.3r2-21 Virtual network computing server software.
    ii vncserver 3.3.3r2-21 Virtual network computing server software.
    ii vorbis-tools 1.0.0-1 Several Ogg Vorbis Tools
    ii w3m 0.3.1-3 WWW browsable pager with excellent tables/fr
    ii w3m-ssl 0.3.1-3 WWW browsable pager with SSL support
    ii wavemon 0.3.3-1 Wireless Device Monitoring Application
    ii wavtools 1.3.2-8 WAV play, record, and compression
    ii weblint 1.93-2 a syntax and minimal style checker for HTML
    ii wget 1.8.2-5 retrieves files from the web
    ii whiptail 0.50.17-9.6 Displays user-friendly dialog boxes from she
    ii whois 4.5.31 The GNU whois client
    ii wireless-tools 25-2 Tools for manipulating Linux Wireless Extens
    ii wlcardconfig-k 0.5-2 Minimalistic ncurses/dialog-based WLAN confi
    ii wmaker 0.80.1-3 NeXTSTEP-like window manager for X
    ii wmaker-data 0.8-2 Several free icons for use with WindowMaker
    ii wmakerconf 2.7-2.1 GTK+ based configuration tool for Window Mak
    ii wmakerconf-dat 0.62.0-1 Datafile for wmakerconf, a configuration too
    ii wordtrans-data 1.0beta2-2.5 Multi Language Word Translator for Linux
    ii wprint 2.04-1 Print any charset from web browsers and Html
    ii wvdial PPP dialer with built-in intelligence.
    ii x-ttcidfont-co 13 Configure TrueType and CID fonts for X.
    ii xaos 3.0-26 real-time interactive fractal zoomer
    ii xaw3dg 1.5-14 Xaw3d widget set
    ii xawtv 3.72 X11 TV application
    ii xawtv-plugins 3.72 plugins for xawtv and motv
    ii xbase-clients 4.2.1-4 miscellaneous X clients
    ii xboing 2.4-26 Blockout game for X
    ii xcdroast 0.98+0alpha10- X based CD-writer software
    ii xchat 1.8.9-2 IRC client for X similar to AmIRC
    ii xchat-common 1.8.9-2 Common files for X-Chat
    ii xdaliclock 2.18-9 Melting digital clock
    ii xdelta 1.1.3-4 a diff utility which works with binary files
    ii xdialog 2.0.6-1 X11 replacement for the text util dialog
    ii xdm 4.2.1-4 X display manager
    ii xext 3.3.6-44 extensions to XFree86 3.x servers
    ii xf86config-kno 0.7-7 XFree86 template config files and setup prog
    ii xfce 3.8.16-3 The Cholesterol Free Desktop Environment
    ii xfce-common 3.8.16-3 architecture-independent files for Xfce
    ii xfig 3.2.3.d-rel-6 Facility for Interactive Generation of figur
    ii xfishtank 2.2-21 turns your X root into an aquarium
    ii xfonts-100dpi 4.2.1-4 100 dpi fonts for X
    ii xfonts-100dpi- 4.2.1-4 100 dpi fonts for X (transcoded from ISO 106
    ii xfonts-75dpi 4.2.1-4 75 dpi fonts for X
    ii xfonts-75dpi-t 4.2.1-4 75 dpi fonts for X (transcoded from ISO 1064
    ii xfonts-artwiz 2.4 Small futuristic ASCII fonts for X
    ii xfonts-base 4.2.1-4 standard fonts for X
    ii xfonts-base-tr 4.2.1-4 standard fonts for X (transcoded from ISO 10
    ii xfonts-bolkhov 1.1.20001007-2 75 dpi CP1251 encoded Cyrillic fonts for X (
    ii xfonts-bolkhov 1.1.20001007-2 Character-cell CP1251 encoded Cyrillic fonts
    ii xfonts-cyrilli 4.2.1-4 Cyrillic fonts for X
    ii xfonts-gimpers 1.5 X11 fonts created by Artwiz, TigerT, and Dan
    ii xfonts-intl-eu 1.2-3 International fonts for X -- European.
    ii xfonts-intl-ja 1.2-3 International fonts for X -- Japanese.
    ii xfonts-scalabl 4.2.1-4 scalable fonts for X
    ii xfonts-terminu 3.94-1 Fixed-width fonts for fast reading
    ii xfonts-x3270-m 3.2.17-2 Font files for the x3270(1) IBM 3270 emulato
    ii xfree86-common 4.2.1-4 X Window System (XFree86) infrastructure
    ii xfs 4.2.1-4 X font server
    ii xfsdump 2.2.2-1 Administrative utilities for the XFS filesys
    ii xfsprogs 2.3.5-1 Utilities for managing the XFS filesystem
    ii xine-dvdnav 0.9.8.beta-1 xine DVD plugin that is capable of Menus and
    ii xine-ui 0.9.13-2 the xine video player, user interface
    ii xlib6g 4.2.1-4 pseudopackage providing X libraries
    ii xlib6g-dev 4.2.1-4 pseudopackage providing X library developmen
    ii xlibmesa-dev 4.2.1-4 XFree86 version of Mesa 3D graphics library
    ii xlibmesa3 4.2.1-4 XFree86 version of Mesa 3D graphics library
    ii xlibs 4.2.1-4 X Window System client libraries
    ii xlibs-dev 4.2.1-4 X Window System client library development f
    ii xloadimage 4.1-10 Graphics file viewer under X11
    ii xmhtml1 1.1.7-8 A Motif widget for display HTML 3.2
    ii xmms 1.2.7-1.1 Versatile X audio player that looks like Win
    ii xmms-cdread 0.14a-9.1 Input plugin for XMMS that reads audio data
    ii xmms-crossfade 0.2.9-4 XMMS Plugin for Crossfading / Continuous Out
    ii xmms-goom 1.7.6-4 "What a GOOM!" visualization plugin for XMMS
    ii xmms-modplug 1.5a-2 ModPlug plugin for XMMS
    ii xmms-status-pl 0.9-1 Status panel applet for XMMS
    ii xmms-synaesthe 0.0.3-4 Synaesthesia visualization plugin for XMMS
    ii xmms-volnorm 0.8.1-2 XMMS plugin that gives all songs the same vo
    ii xnest 4.2.1-4 nested X server
    ii xpdf 1.01-3 Portable Document Format (PDF) suite
    ii xpdf-common 1.01-3 Portable Document Format (PDF) suite -- comm
    ii xpdf-i 1.0-1 Portable Document Format viewer for X11, wit
    ii xpdf-reader 1.01-3 Portable Document Format (PDF) suite -- view
    ii xpdf-utils 1.01-3 Portable Document Format (PDF) suite -- util
    ii xscreensaver 4.05-10 Automatic screensaver for X
    ii xscreensaver-g 4.05-10 GNOME binaries for xscreensaver
    ii xserver-3dlabs 3.3.6-44 X server for 3DLabs GLINT and Permedia-based
    ii xserver-8514 3.3.6-44 X server for ATI 8514/A-based graphics cards
    ii xserver-agx 3.3.6-44 X server for IBM XGA and IIT AGX-based graph
    hi xserv

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    Feb 2003
    Excellent, I have done this job for my owm personal usage to install a minimal version on harddisk with all the network-tools, mozilla and only fluxbox as windowmanager:

    You can remove, I think because it has nothing to do with a minimal ISO:

    gphoto2. libgphoto2, gpsdrive, gqcam, grace, gramofile, gsm-utils, gtans, gtretinet, trans-de-en


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    now they are gone. Thank you.

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    Mar 2003

    Re: Knoppix Remaster Base (LittleK.iso)

    How can I get this distro. I didnot find it in under KnoppixCustomization webpage.
    I looked at the list of packages installed and sounds interesting to try.

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    I may be getting it on the knoppix sourceforge site, roberto willing...

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    Quote Originally Posted by god
    I may be getting it on the knoppix sourceforge site

    this is the first time I hear about this SF knoppix project.
    Would you happen to know what's in the insanely huge ISO's
    one can find there?

    Please people, don't fork too many projects based on this wonderful
    distro and the rock-solid debian. A consolidated 3.2 release, with KDE 3.1.1,
    a working Gnome and a nice hd-installer would make my day.


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    So far, the only files that I know of on the Knoppix SF site are Knoppix 3.2a and morphix Light.

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    Have you got an ISO already done for this.
    If yes, from where can I download it?
    -Regards Anurag

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    no and no....

    every time i try i break something....

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    Toronto, Canada
    Thanks for posting this. This would help those wanting to assemble a console-only Knoppix.

    What's the total size of what's left over after pulling out all these? Have you refined this package list since you posted this in March?

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