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    I am trying to install some programs with point and klik. Everything is fine when I RUN the command; the problem is when I KLIK on the web page: after Kliking on FOLLOW I got this message:
    "Couldn't find the program '/home/xxxxxx/.klik '%u''"

    Please help.
    Thank You.[/b]

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    Make a shorcut on your desktop, example:

    Create New-->File-->Link to application-->Name to ex: Klik&point-->

    put command under applicatiobn tab: wget -O -|sh --> Ok

    Now you have a shorcut to invoke your klik & point.

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    Please see

    In order to install the klik client, run the right version of Knoppix, press Alt-F2 and paste:
    wget -O -|sh
    Now you can point-and-klik to install the software packages.

    If you do not use a persistent home directory, then you have to reinstall the klik client after every reboot.


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