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Thread: USB problem after upgrade

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    USB problem after upgrade

    I installed knoppix 3.4 and periodically do an apt-get update & upgrade to keep the system up to date, and up until now, I haven't had problems. However, since the last upgrade, I now get a new message in the startup screen (which wasn't there before) stating:

    Starting hotplug system

    input failed

    isapnp success

    *can't synthasize pci hotplug events
    pci failed

    usbcore already loaded
    usbcore already loaded
    repeats several times.. finally
    usb success

    And then if I try to plug in a usb storage device (pendrive or external hard disk) into the computer they are not recognised and do not work. dmesg tells me that the device times out and a new interrupt number is assigned...

    I checked lsmod and found that usb-storage module was not loaded, even though usb-uhci and usbcore were loaded. And previously it was, and all usb devices worked fine.

    Hence, if I do a modprobe usb-storage, the usb storage devices all work fine.

    My question here is what has happened in the last upgrade and how can I repair it, having to type modprobe usb-storage everytime I reboot the computer is a drag, and more importantly I want to learn how the system works and understand the problem...



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    I *think* you get the pci-hotplug error if you have pcihotplug enabled in your kernel but don't have any hotpluggable pci hardware. Disable that and recompile your kernel.

    Simply add modprobe usb-storage to /etc/init.d/ and it will get loaded everytime.

    Try adding usbcore to /etc/hotplug/blacklist.

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