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Thread: knx-hdinstall has german dialog boxes

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    knx-hdinstall has german dialog boxes

    I have been trying to install knoppix on my hd, but the dialog prompts are all in German, so not wanting to choose the wrong option I exit the install.

    I have tried booting the with lang=us noscsi (needed else boot fails)
    and everything is english until I run knx-hdinstall.

    Any ideas on how to install? and if I manage to install with the German instructions would this make the hd install appear in German?

    I have read in this forum that a hd install is not the same as the Knoppix CD its standard Debian is this true? I am using an ISO image download about Aug-2002.

    thanks in advance.

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    See the thread here.

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    I download the latest version of knx-hdinstall (.38 i think) and all work well. Now I just have to get my LTmodem working.


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