Hello all. I am a total Linux noob, and am trying to use knoppix to slowly make the shift to all-free software. BUt I have an immediate problem when booting Live off a knoppix CD. I have a Dell Dimension 8200 with an Albatron GeForce FX 5600 Gigi 128mb DDR Video card. When I boot up Knoppix with my 17" Dell flat panel monitor attached using the DVI slot the monitor goes into sleep mode. (The screen goes blank right after entering the cheatcodes and booting Knoppix) When I switched to the analog output on my video card it worked perfectly, I want to be able to use Knoppix with Dual monitors, one on DVI and one on RGB like I do with windows. I have searched the forum and found some similar problems, but none of the solutions I have seen have helped me. I entered the cheatcodes screen=1024x768 (the native resolution of my monitor) brefresh=60hx xmodulae=NV, but it didn't help . Alos, when plugged into the DVI Knoppix detected the monitor as "generic monitor" and when its plugged inot the RGB it detects it as DEL007. Any ideas? Thanks.