I've had problems getting my HD installation to retain the info re. my soundcard. Knoppix off CD finds it w/o problem, and retains the info for the session's activities. Debian SID seems to find the info - but, I'm not 100% sure of this, since the messages go whipping past on the screen so quickly; long, scrolling list as it does its stuff. Once into the session, I find that the system doesn't have any soundcard logged in as available.

I tried fixing this via using keypress during boot, to get the boot to do a soundcard search & configuration; it seems to work(?), but it's hard to be sure. It's not there when the session is in-progress.

I tried using Ctrl-Alt-F1 & logging in as root to use sndconfig. I get logged in okay, and the sndconfig utility starts up okay - but, when I have it search, it can't find the soundcard. Going to pick from the list, I find it prepped w/ the correct card as the default item highlighted. Selecting that, and proceeding, it fails. Gives me a "segmentation fault" or "segmentation failure" error. Last time I tried this, I noticed that the sndconfig program I'm using bears the Red Hat copyright. The only way that program could be in there, is if the Knoppix installation program put it there.

Any ideas how I can fix this and have my soundcard properly registered for use during sessions?

Thanks in advance, for any help.