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Thread: Revolving Door Graphical Login

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    Revolving Door Graphical Login


    I powered down my computer in the appropiate fashion ( "halt" from root ).

    When I booted back up a message came onto the screen saying that hda1 had been mounted 34 times without a check......a check ran. ( incrementing percentages as a "\" revolved around).

    Once the graphical login prompt came up I tried logging into icewm, but I would come right back to the graphical login prompt.

    The same has been true for every other window manager.

    For some reason if I try KDE it takes me back to a command prompt.

    Any ideas how this problem happened and how I can prevent it?

    Luckily, I haven't settled into knoppix yet so reinstalling wouldn't cause a hardship.


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    You'll have to fix your harddisk.

    Go to a console eg. CTRL-ALT-F2, and log in from there. Look at the bootmessages (CTRL-ALT-F) for clues on howto fix the harddisk.

    I had some similar problems with XFS, because it didn't autorepair - properbly just a change in /etc/fstab.

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    Can you login (graphically) as root? If so, try resetting the permissions on /dev/null to read/write.

    If you can't login as root, use the Knoppix CD in knoppix 2 mode and run fsck on the root partition of your hard drive.

    Both of these have worked for me when I had similar problems (both documented here), but I'm completely unsure of what actually causes the problem in the first place.

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    I am now having that same problem where I type in the name and password and it puts me back to the login screen...
    does it have something to do with Xserver?
    because when I get to the shell after loging in it won't let me start xserver or something like that...

    if anyone could help please let me know by e-mail... or

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