Hi there.

I've been wondering what the main differences are between a Knoppix hard disk installation and a normal installation of Debian. One thing I've read in numerous places is the fact that Knoppix was never intended to be installed, but just for use as a live CD. That makes me wonder whether I'd be better off if I started over with regular Debian.

I can see some of the advantages of installing Knoppix (bundled software being one; the ease of installation being another), but would there be any other major advantages to me getting rid of my current Knoppix installation and installing Debian?

Bear in mind that I'm new to Linux. The reason I did a Knoppix HDD install in the first place was because it was pretty simple.

One question I have in mind is this: Knoppix managed to autodetect my hardware quite well. After installing to my hard disk the only problems I had were: monitor not working above 1280x1024, can't boot while my bluetooth dongle is plugged in, wireless network adapter not working, sound not working. If I install Debian will I find myself with loads of hardware/driver configuration to do that Knoppix has done for me?

So yeah... Any comments?