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Thread: Tip for Windows XP users

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    Tip for Windows XP users

    I've got a broadband conection with Internet and I was having problems with Knoopix to acess it as so many people has. As I am a Wndows XP user, I figure out that the problem is not with Knoppix, but with the Windows XP. So, I turned off the cable conection with XP before booting with Knoppix. And I hadn't any problems at all.

    I am posting it with Knoppix And it rocks!

    My english is very bad, but the tip is good

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    I wonder if you have used the same IP address for Knoppix as you have for WinXP? I have WinXP and Knoppix and I have no such problem. Try setting Knoppix IP address to something different than what WinXP is using.


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