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Thread: printing on a HP 722C using cups with knoppix 3.4

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    printing on a HP 722C using cups with knoppix 3.4

    I am using knoppix 3.4 and am very satisfied with it's performance but I am not able to print
    using cups. My printer is HP 722C and it requires pbm2ppa and foomatic filter, both are installed in knoppix 3.4. When I try to add my printer in cups, it is not shown in the dropdown list under HP.
    How do I have pnm2ppa and foomatic incorporated in cups so I can use my HP 722C?
    I am also using libranet 2.8, a debian distribution, and the HP 722C is listed under "HEWLETT-PACKARD" dropdown menu.


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    Something is broken w/ cups in Knoppix 3.4 I am not sure what exactly but this is a common problem it seems. Perhaps try the mailing list to find a solution or get Kanotix where cups is not broken.

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    I copied "/usr/share/cups/model/HP" directory from libranet 2.8 to "/usr/share/cups/model" in knoppix 3.4 and that solver my problem, I can now print in knoppix 3.4


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