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Thread: Repair NTFS in Knoppix

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    Repair NTFS in Knoppix

    How can I repair the NTFS in Knoppix (like scan disk...)?

    Thank you.

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    What do you exactly mean by "How can I repair the NTFS in Knoppix".
    If you mean how to get write privileges on win. ntfs partitions to recover/copy files, you can do the next.
    Mount the aimed ntfs partion using the icon on the desktop.
    Click on the penguin icon on the taskbar. Via Utilities click Captive NTFS. Then open a shell and type:
    $ su
    # mount -t captive-ntfs -0 uid=1000,gid=1000 <partition> <target directory>
    Now you must be able to recover/copy the files on your ntfs partition. You can even drag and drop files by using konqueror.

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    This is kind of like asking if it's possible to hammer a nail with a screwdriver - for most people it's not, and why it the world would you use a screwdriver to pound a nail? To put an even finer point on the analogy, by using the wrong tool, you're not only making it more difficult, but risking damage.

    If you have to do something like this, better to use Norton possibly Bart's PE builder (Google will turn up the latter - something like


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    Re: Repair NTFS in Knoppix

    Quote Originally Posted by khwong2004
    How can I repair the NTFS in Knoppix (like scan disk...)?

    Thank you.
    You can't, but you can usually boot a failed NTFS system with Knoppix and the NTFS drives will usually be mounted and probably remain readable (at least in part) by Knoppix. If you have a zip drive, a network accessible drive or a CD-Burner on top of the CD drive that you booted knoppix with, you can probably get your data off the failed drive.

    At that point, you should be able to boot with a Windows recovery disc and get Windows back on the machine (possibly after having the Hard Drive replaced). At that point, you should be able to put your data back on the Windows system.

    A lot of work, but it does usually do the trick.... and it is free. Windows utils for the same job can cost a lot of money.

    Hope this helps.

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