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Thread: [b]Install Knoppix or Debian sarge???[/b]

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    [b]Install Knoppix or Debian sarge???[/b]

    I want to install Linux on my desktop and I decided for Debian. I know that Knoppix is based on Debian unstable/testing.

    Once I installed Knoppix 3.3 on my desktop and i always got problems after apt-get distupgrade. I guess the reason for this is that Knoppix "main idea" is a Live-CD and no HD-install?

    So, if I want to have a Debian-Linux installation on my HD - is it better to install Debian Sarge or is the new Knoppix 3.6 developed so far that i can install it on HD, make updates etc. without having any problems?

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    Try Kanotix. The debian sarge installer is actually pretty easy to use. But if you're new to linux, you may not like some of the configuration that may be necessary after it's installed. Kano made efforts to make Kanotix be very close to debian sid after installed to hd. I hear that upgrades go smoothly with it. If you're comfortable doing some config work to get some things working, go with Debian though.

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    branching out to Debian

    if you have a high speed net connection the Debian net-install CD for testing is fairly easy and straight forward. The reason i chose to go with that is because ti installs much less than knoppix does, letting me pick and choose what I want and need to get my system up. If you run the net-install with the expert command you can also choose to install Sid right off the bat.

    If you're fairly experienced with linux I'd recommend this way, you can choose to install kde and X during the install, the rest is just an apt-get away. I did cheat and use the knoppix live CD to do my XF86Config though

    other than that the Debian installer isn;t all that difficult to use

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