Hi !

just installed knoppix 3.5 from linuxtag-DVD over an existing knoppix 3.4-installation on /dev/hdb2.
Before this installation of 3.5 I already had a data-partition /dev/hdb4 made during the installation of 3.4 with the directories "data" and "install", now with the following attributes:

drwxrws--- 4 root 1003 4096 2004-05-03 22:01 data
drwxrws--- 5 root 1003 4096 2004-03-24 23:35 install

any try to open one of the dirs with the root-shell will fail in the error-message "no access rights" (transtaled from german, may be another msg like this in english).
Tried to "chown root data": no error msg
Tried to "chgrp root data": operation not allowed
Tried to "chmod 770 data": operation not allowed
How can I get back the rights for these directories ?
Do I have to format the partition again ?
Is there a way to access this dirs from two different knoppix-systems (e.g. test and prod) ?