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Thread: Captive-ntfs 1.1.5 in Knoppix 3.6 hangs when mounting drive

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    Captive-ntfs 1.1.5 in Knoppix 3.6 hangs when mounting drive

    The captive-ntfs installer script from the menu item works fine, but a subsequent attempt to mount the drive
    # mkdir /mnt/c
    # mount -t captive-ntfs /dev/hda1 /mnt/c
    hangs without completing. The /var/lib/captive/tmp directory gets created,
    but the other temp directory /var/lib/captive/S-* seems not to be made.

    Maybe it's a knoppix 3.6 permissions thing? There's no "captive" user or group created,
    which is the owner of the S-* temp directory in knx V3.4.
    This worked easily with captive 1.1.4 in Knoppix_V3.4-2004-05-17-EN,
    but does not work with captive 1.1.5 Knoppix_V3.6-2004-08-16-EN.

    Author has mailing list here:
    but I didn't see anything definitive that worked for me.

    Anyone else get it working from CD?


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    I've also had the same problem when attempting to mount /dev/hda1 using captive-ntfs on knoppix 3.6. I used the following procedure.

    1. Open Console
    2. su
    3. mount -t ntfs /dev/hda1 /mnt/hda1
    4. captive-install-acquire --scan-disks=/mnt/hda1/WINDOWS/system32/drivers
    5. umount /mnt/hda1
    6. mount -t captive-ntfs /dev/hda1 /mnt/hda1

    I think you are probably right in that it might be something permission related. Anyone???

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    AFAIK, Captive NTFS wont work with WINDOWS XP.

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    Captive not working on XP? BS
    I have it working with Bit Defender's LinuxDefender Live! 1.5.6
    just not with knoppix 3.4 but since LDL! is bsed on knoppix I don't know why it wouldn't work

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    Quote Originally Posted by johnson25
    AFAIK, Captive NTFS wont work with WINDOWS XP.
    Captive-ntfs on Knx_V3.4-2004-05-17-EN works with Windows XP Home and an unencrypted file system; I've done it.

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    Solution! for V3.6-2004-08-16

    The problem is that the user "captive" and group "captive" have been removed accidentally in V3.6. One has to recreate them; I copied settings from KnxV3.4-2004-05-17-EN for use in procedure below.

    Penguin Menu:Root Shell
    (set to your choice)

    KDE Menu:System:KUser
    (enter passwd)
    Adduser Button: captive
    userID: 108 (same as v3.4)
    login shell: /bin/false
    home folder: /var/lib/captive
    uncheck all three boxes (in reverse order to avoid greying out)
    Groups Tab
    Primary Group: nogroup
    AddGroup Button:
    Group name: captive
    Group number: 116 (not same as V3.4, but close by.)
    Dialog 'no shadow entry for captive': OK

    Penguin Menu: Utilities:Captive NTFS
    Follow menu directions; get XP drivers from your hard drive, or download them; Win 2k drivers won't work.

    Penguin Menu:Root Shell
    mkdir /mnt/hda1 (or whatever you like)
    mount -t /dev/hda1 /mnt/hda1

    Lastly, there's couple in's and out's for accessing the drive:
    I edited the lines in /etc/fstab to look like: (changed ntfs to captive-ntfs and ro to rw)

    # Added by KNOPPIX
    /dev/hda1 /mnt/hda1 captive-ntfs noauto,users,exec,rw,umask=000,uid=knoppix,gid=kno ppix 0 0

    Next, right clik on kde desktop icon:Propertiesevice:uncheck Read Only
    Now you can open the drive by clicking this icon in Konqueror and read/write as you like.

    Lastly, REMEMBER to unmount the drive before quitting or your changes may be lost and not copied from the sandbox data area to be written to the hard drive.

    Good Luck,

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    3.4 and captive ntfs

    I tired the 3.7 distro and kept striking out. I went back to 3.4 and had simular issues. I was trying to do this on a win2k laptop. I had the ntfs.sys and ntoskrnl.exe files from the win2k system but captive would not see them. I took copies of them from my XP Pro laptop and had better luck. I did have to chown to captive the files before they were found. I was not able to add captive as a user on 3.7 per earlier suggestions. 3.4 did the trick after I copied over the XP drivers. I was wanting to rename a dll on a 2kpro so some spyware/evilness would quit when safe mode let me down. Here is my sequence of events:

    1. Copied ntfs.sys and ntoskrnl.exe to /var/lib/captive
    2. Chown captive.captive files in /var/lib/captive
    3. Run captive from the pengiun and let is search.
    4. Mount hda1 then set to read/write.
    5. Run wild in the windows ntfs patition.

    Now that I have done this on a win2k box, I want to try on a NT4.0.

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    Symple script to run captive-ntfs


    Each time to access ntfs from knoppix running from cd, I run simple script without using any other programs. If your settings are saved on hd, you need to run this script once, and only mount ntfs next.

    Detailed and updated instruction how to write to ntfs posted here:


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    I had bad luck with captive-ntfs as well. I'm not quite shure why, but it stopped working. I use knoppix 3.7, and I tried to write on a Windows 2000 Server SP 4 ntfs partition, using the drivers that came with that.

    I had to delete /var/lib/captive/*.sys bevore using the captive utility. Otherwise the scanning of the harddisk stopped and the necessary files were not found. I then mounted the harddisk as discribed in the captive utility and could restore files.

    Meanwhile things changed. I updated the Windows 2000 Server. Scanning for the drivers with the tool does not work any more. If I copied them manually, and try to mount with filesystem type captive-ntfs, the mount command will hang.

    Both Knoppix and Windows 2000 are German versions.

    Does anyone have a suggestion?

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