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Thread: Problem with AC97 sound

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    Problem with AC97 sound

    I have an onboard soundcard that is AC97 and I've been having problems with it. For like the first 10-15 minutes, all of the sounds work just fine, but after that, sound just stops for some odd reason. The only things that I've found that works are Console beeps and my Line in. Yes, the volume is up, and yes, I've tried the /etc/init.d/alsa-autoconfig, but that didn't work either.
    Also, an error that I get when trying to play sounds with xmms and some other things is:

    Sound server informational message:
    Error while initializing the sound driver:
    device /dev/dsp can't be opened (Device or resource busy)
    The sound server will continue, using the null output device.

    here is the output of lsmod:
    Module Size Used by Not tainted
    uart401 6052 0
    ad1848 20812 0
    sound 55244 0 [uart401 ad1848]
    snd-page-alloc 5584 0 (autoclean)
    snd-seq 39536 0 (autoclean)
    snd-timer 15044 0 (autoclean) [snd-seq]
    snd-seq-device 3700 0 (autoclean) [snd-seq]
    snd 29988 0 (autoclean) [snd-seq snd-timer snd-seq-device]
    parport_pc 24840 1 (autoclean)
    lp 7460 0 (autoclean)
    parport 22496 1 (autoclean) [parport_pc lp]
    i830 69408 14
    agpgart 42660 11
    autofs4 8756 1
    af_packet 13544 0
    nls_iso8859-1 2844 0 (unused)
    nls_cp437 4348 0 (unused)
    i810_audio 25208 2
    ac97_codec 11884 0 [i810_audio]
    soundcore 3428 4 [sound snd i810_audio]
    8139too 13704 1
    mii 2240 0 [8139too]
    crc32 2816 0 [8139too]
    serial 52068 0 (unused)
    usb-storage 61952 0 (unused)
    ataraid 6404 0 (unused)
    ieee1394 183300 0
    usb-uhci 21836 0 (unused)
    usbcore 57824 1 [usb-storage usb-uhci]
    pcmcia_core 39840 0
    thermal 6532 0 (unused)
    processor 8976 0 [thermal]
    fan 1568 0 (unused)
    button 2508 0 (unused)
    battery 5888 0 (unused)
    asus_acpi 8748 0 (unused)
    ac 1792 0 (unused)
    ide-cd 28704 0
    ide-scsi 9040 0
    rtc 7004 0 (autoclean)
    ext3 64452 2 (autoclean)
    jbd 46516 2 (autoclean) [ext3]

    If you need any other info, I'll be willing to give it.
    Thanks in advance for any help.

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    Try change your /dev permission.

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    Thanks for the reply, but I'm not exactly sure how to do that. Could you tell me how please? Thanks.

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    Open System-->More application--->File manager su mode.
    Konquerer will open, go to settings--->load view profile-->file mangement.
    Go to root folder -->dev.
    Right click on folder dev--->properties--->go to permission tab--->advanced permission--->tick on all write entries-->save.

    If you rather use commandline, read this:

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    Well, it works right now, but I just restarted.. So I'll get back to you in the morning on it's status. Hopefully it works.
    :EDIT: It's morning and it's still working.. this is much longer than it normally works. Thanks!

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    Well, the sound works and I thank you for that, but...
    I've found that more than one program can't play sounds at once. Example: I'm currently listening to a radio station through xmms, but I don't hear a sound at all when I receive a message through Gaim.. even if I pause xmms, but if I completely stop play in xmms, I can hear Gaim sounds, but then I have to close xmms and Gaim to start playing things in xmms again.
    Anyone have any idea why this could be or is it just like that?

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    Ok.. sounds have completely stopped again. Someone help please?

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