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Thread: Toshiba Sattelite made to work with USB Stick

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    Toshiba Sattelite made to work with USB Stick

    Using Toshiba Sattelite Notebook with Knoppix and USB Stick
    (My USB Stick is Transcend Jetflash 128 MB)

    The way to start Toshiba Laptop is use knoppix26 at boot.
    (the older version gives problem with the USB Stick)
    then login as root shell

    #mkdir /mnt/usb (any name will do instead of usb)
    #mount /dev/sda /mnt/usb

    # change the root password (pick any with the passwd command)
    (some password is required
    for starting the file manager in superuser mode)

    (I am doing this as I haven't yet figured how to allow other users
    rights to copy things from the /mnt/usb
    If you don't use it it says things like 'doesn't exist'
    I have tried changing the rights of /mnt/usb with
    #chmod -R a+rwx /mnt/usb
    But that doesn't work !!!

    Therefore Start the File manager in Superuser mode
    Then use multiple tabs. Set one for desktop and another for /mnt/usb
    Then you can copy things between the USB Stick and the desktop
    This works.

    Then run kxconfig with Alt-F2
    This also requires root password
    Then you can change the Toshiba screen size to 1024x768. Which is full size.

    Then you are in shape. Sometime the modem dialer pppd gives problems
    with the USB Stick mounted. If that be the case
    # Umount /mnt/usb
    And run the modem dialer

    Want to thank all the Knoppix and Linux freeware coders
    for their time and making my Toshiba again useful
    With a crashed Harddisk controller.
    Particular thanks to Klaus Knopper

    Dr. Marathe

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    insert this line in your /etc/fstab.
    /dev/sda /mnt/usb vfat user,gid=users,noauto,noatime,iocharset=iso8859-1,umask=000,rw  0   0
    the sda might have to be sda1, sdb1 sdbor sda2...
    dmesg|grep sd
    might help you there
    there the folowing "oddities" are noteworthy in the line above.
    user --> user is alowed to mount
    gid=users -->group users are owner
    noauto --> does not get mounted at boot.
    noatime --> no unecesary disc activity (flash disks "wear" every time you read/write to/from them)
    iocharset=iso8859-1 --> gives me ... (special northern european caracters) your string might be different.
    umask=000 --> alows everyone read write acess
    rw --> mounts disk read write.

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