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Thread: I need SERIOUS help, please give me any information you can

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    I need SERIOUS help, please give me any information you can

    Alright, I have had this problem for going on two days now, and I've been doing various solutions I have found over the internet, but nothing is working!

    My problem is this:

    I receive a stop: 0x024 error (corrupt NTFS.sys file) when booting up my machine with my drive that I use for storage connected to the computer. If I disconnect the drive, my computer boots up fine. So I reason out that the problematic drive is, of course, my second drive.

    I'm sure all of the solutions I have tried WOULD work, but there is one problem!


    I have ran Knoppix from a boot cd and viewed the detectable drives, and I only get my main drive. BUT, I can feel and hear the HDD spinning, so I'm fairly sure that the drive isn't broken or anything.

    One obstacle with my situation might be the fact that the drive is connected on an expansion IDE card, and the card has a BIOS of its own that runs AFTER the computer BIOS displays, so is there any chance that this could be conflicting with my recovery of the data and/or drive?

    So, does anyone know of ANY way to recover my drive? It's not my main drive so there is no Windows information on it, and my BIOS won't recognize it but it still spins normal so I don't think the drive is broken.

    I am running Windows XP Home edition, Pentium 4.

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    A expansion IDE card might be holding it back.
    -- similar situation -- ignore if you aren't interested. --
    On a new install of linux to a server with a IDE expansion card, I made the mistake of custom compiling a kernel driver for the IDE card as a loadable module driver. This lead to a catch 22 situation where the kernel does not have the driver to read from the HD but the HD is where the driver is located. I rebooted with knoppix, mounted the HD, correctly recompiled the kernel and it booted fine.
    -- situation over--
    You could try to identify the expansion card by either physically looking at it and see if you can determine the make & model or you can try lspci -v from a root console in knoppix. Then you can google that IDE card against the linux kernel to see if driver for linux exists and see if it available on the Knoppix CD in /lib/modules/2.4.27/kernel/drivers/ide/ . If the driver is available on the Knoppix CD, then at a root console you should be able to
    modprobe someIDEmodulename
    and it should give you /dev/hde or hdf.
    If the module is not available then you could try another bootable linux CD. The linux distribution Gentoo has a small CD download that has a differently compiled kernel and may have that module on it. You should download the file 79MB file /releases/x86/2004.2/livecd/install-x86-minimal-2004.2.iso from onw of Gentoo's mirrors at If you do download & use the Gentoo minimal CD please note that you will be presented witha command line and be expected to perform all administrative tasks from the console.
    I hope this helps.

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    Switch your harddisk with onboard ide (off course you need to open your pc).

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