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Thread: ISO newbe wants to burn Knoppix CD, make good bootable CD

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    ISO newbe wants to burn Knoppix CD, make good bootable CD

    New to ISO burning and converting to Linux. Am running XP and Nero Have been trying to burn bootable Knoppix with advice from evry ones dog but no go. Does any one have the surgical procedure down. I'd like to get on with learning the forbiden fruits of Linux

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    Not sure for nero6, but with 5.X, just pick "burn CD image" from the "File" menu. Once burned, check the cd contents under window, you should see a few files at the top level amongst which an index.html page, and a KNOPPIX directory under which lives a huge KNOPPIX file. If that's what you're seeing, it should boot (make sure CD is bootable in BIOS settings).

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    When I ran Nero last (probably back in May), all you had to do was double-click the ISO file you downloaded, and Nero would guide you through the rest. See,


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    Burn iso with nero 6

    Before you burn the iso image with Nero you must select DISK AT ONCE,
    not TRACK AT ONCE and finalize the disk. This worked for me after I made a few bad ones.

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