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Thread: some games

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    Quote Originally Posted by moustache
    DOSemu is easy once you get used to it. Just download the freedos binary first and extract it to your home directory (in knoppix). Then download and extract dosemu binary into the home directory (both should be automatically extracted into the /dosemu directory).
    Then open a terminal window in knoppix, cd to dosemu and type ./dosemu. After you accept it will give you a dos prompt. The next thing i do is use the 'edit' command to edit the autoexec.bat file. I add an "lredir" command to mount my windows c drive ( ie, add this line "lredir c /linux/fs/mnt/hda1". Then exitemu and then restart ./dosemu to be sure it mounts my windows drive as c:\.
    After that i run ./xdosemu to run my old dos games from my windows c drive to take advantage of my graphics card (nvidia) acceleration via linux XFree.
    This is works for me anyway.


    BTW I am trying out Kanotix but cant get nvidia driver installed because the install scripts written by Fabianx are not there.
    Have you been able to get it into full screen?

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    I am able to get a full-screen disply using Ctrl-Alt-F , but only in xdosemu. I believe there is a way to set the full-screen parameter as an argument when running dosemu, but I dont use it and it is explained somewhere in the dosemu docs. Ctrl-Alt-F allowed me to run descent in full-screen in xdosmeu.
    Also note that i use the dosemu & freedos binaries. If I try to compile the source using Knoppix live cd it wont work because it makes some files read-only.


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    "wonder what it would be on my 800 mhz via processor? " You can try it .Hehe...

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