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Thread: how much ram ans hardrive space?

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    how much ram ans hardrive space?

    wanting to make a install to hard drive after formatting. 128 mb of ram and 30 gig hardrive. this enough to run knoppix.
    thanks pete

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    Sounds good to me, only you might need a swap partition...

    From what I know of Knoppix, your swap should be in the following calculation:

    1 GB - total memory = SWAP partition


    500 MB

    ( which ever is greater )

    If, on the other hand, you had 1 GB of RAM, then you would not need a swap at all.

    You might check the DOCS link at the top of the page, and find the "minimum requirements" FAQ ( frequently asked questions ) and see how you compare, but, I think you are ok on them, not sure on your processor though, you didn't provide that in your initial post...

    Hope this helps,
    Ms. Cuddles

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