On a network that has some terminal server(s) of any kind, it would be great that knoppix automatically /offer/ to graphically connect to some willing terminal server, instead of a local session.

Example modif to init scripts:
-init network card via DHCP (bootup continue on foreground)
-probe for xdmcp servers, vnc servers, citrix servers, windows terminal servers
-if some found, send a signal (may be technically any kind of "signal", like touch /tmp/terminalserversfound) to not launch at once the graphical session

back to the foreground thread :
-when switching to graphical screen, see if we should login locally right now
-if some terminal servers were found, offer to login on one of them instead (preventing local login saves memory and performance)
-if no answer within 10 seconds, continue the local login anyway, but the choice keeps displayed

in any case :
-terminal functionality should be offered on an icon somewhere in the knoppix menu (so the innocent user can benefit from it even if he doesn't know the command : X :1 -broadcast, rdesktop, etc...).

Thank you for this wonderful tool !