I am a newbie. I know nothing. Pardon my rudimentary questions.

I have an ASUS p4VP-MX motherboard and an AOC Spectrum7 monitor. I have had the following experiences thus far:

Using an earlier version of Knoppix, the current Knoppix release, and Beatrice, when booting, all my hardware was detected but after that my monitor shut down. On checking the AOC website I found no Linux driver, so I assumed this was the problem.

However, on booting a current version of Gnoppix, the montior functions perfectly (better than on XP). Most mystifying.

Second problem:

Though Gnoppix loads and seems to function well, it has some problems. Though the soundcard built into the motherboard is detected, as are my CDR and CDRW, the soundcard does not work and the CDR's cannot be mounted. On checking the ASUS manual I note that it says the board supports Windows, yet I know that others use this board for Linux successfully.

ANY feedback would be greatly appreciated.


I found the solutions to the above:

xmodule=vesa handled the monitor thing nicely, and /etc/init.d/alsa-autoconfig took care of the sound card.

Now if I can figure why after configuring my ethernet card and setting up a connection to my ISP I am told everything is hunkey-dorey.... but the browsers apparently cannot connect.