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Thread: Clam Antivirus

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    Clam Antivirus

    Has anybody been using Clam Antivirus for an extended period of time?

    I was wondering if it performed comparably to comercial antivirus products in a Win XP environment.

    Also has anybody been using it on Win98? Yes I know linux is better but try telling that to a 75 year old woman who's son is a windows zealot. I am trying to get her good antivirus protection without having to shell out a lot of cash. If I get her using open source in Windows I can wean her on to Linux later!

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    I've used the free version of AVG before, with no problems to date.


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    Thanks for reply. It may be an alternative.

    I am still wondering about how the open source ClamAV is comparing with comercial counterparts in Windows.

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    I have been using both for about 6 months. As of yet I haven't had a virus. But I did download one for kicks and AVG picked it up before ClamWIN did. Once AVG found it, nothing else has a chance to have a go at it, because AVG is like a pitbull on crack! I was bombarded with "HOLY CRAP YOU HAVE A VIRUS!!!" messages from AVG. I tried to scan it with ClamWIN and AVG interupted any attempt to allow ClamWIN to see it. ClamWIN is not very intuitive but does update daily without a hitch. I can see it doing well if the dev team stays on course and doesn't quit like most OSS projects.

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    i've used avast home edition..

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