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Thread: New HD Overclockix Install Problems

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    New HD Overclockix Install Problems

    Yesterday I installed Knoppix to a HD partition, but as it was 3.2, it could only run the outdated knx-install command. Therefore, I had difficulty getting my partition icons onscreen like I am used to with live-cd knoppix. I didn't want to download the newest Knoppix image, but noticed that I had a copy of Overclockix (complete with install-knoppix command) handy.

    So I put that on a partition and it works great. There are a couple problems, though, which I would be grateful if somebody could help me with.

    First, I like to clean up my desktop and only keep three drive icons on it (my Windows C partition, my E partition which I use as download/mp3 storage, my Linux partition and my CD-ROM) - the others (I have a number of other partitions) are rarely used. I put these other icons into a "Misc" folder on my desktop and everything is nice and neat. The problem is, when I reboot, all of the icons are recreated! How can I stop this?

    Also, on one of my networked computers (horrible E-Machines with onboard Intel graphics with a Samtron 75V monitor), it always loads up with an undesirable resolution (1152xI-Forget-Exactly). The computer isn't endowed with lots of RAM, so I want it to run at a quicker 800x600 res. When I change the res, though, it doesn't properly redraw the desktop (I lose the taskbar and a large chunk of the rest of the desktop!). I think, "OK, I need to reboot and it'll draw the desktop properly." Sure enough, when I reboot, it goes right back to 1152x???. Is there any way to actually save my configuration changes?

    I noticed as well that all of my Firefox tweaks (I close the Bookmarks taskbar, make yahoo my home page, etc) all disappear, too.

    I have a feeling that this can all be fixed with minimal effort, but I just don't know what to do!

    Thanks for any help,

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    To keep your icons the way they were:

    chmod 0 /usr/bin/mkdesktophdicons

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    Okay, I figured out how to save the config for the resolution (it's now at a much better 800x600).

    I still have the problem where everything I do gets lost when I reboot (ie. Mozilla Firefox settings and bookmarks, the USBMouse, SMBMount icons and "Release Notes" file keep getting put back on the desktop after reboot). I want them moved to a "Misc" folder on the desktop so they don't add to clutter. I tried running that chmod line that was offered by another user here, but it didn't help me...

    Is there some way I can turn off the autoconfig? Everything's configured the way I like it, I'm not adding any new hardware... I just want to make changes to fonts and whatnot and not lose them every time I reboot!

    Please help a newbie who's down on his luck,

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    Just another note, I have made sure that my drives are not marked "read only". Is there a possibility that my Firefox directory is still read only? That would seem to explain why it won't save my bookmarks or home page upon reboot.


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