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Thread: Councilmen Propose Citywide Curfew For Kids Under 18

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    Seems to be quite consistent with what I saw for the past four years or so, not surprising

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    I voted no...but not to the idea of teens having a curfew...only to the idea of a curfew being imposed by the government. The government shouldn't and can't take the place of parents...and trying to do so only puts more burden on our policeforce IMO.

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    In a house... hopefully
    and plus, they dont really work... trust me... it made the area even worse... so bad i wont even venture in there with an armored car with a machine gun going off.

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    yeah i'm agree

    I don't agrre with the curfew

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    Quote Originally Posted by mzilikazi

    What's wrong with us?
    We create more and more laws but nothing changes!?
    We've got over 30,000 laws on the books in an attempt to enforce the ten commandments. Yet we've said that the ten commandments are illegal. We used to have prayer in the schools. Now that's illegal. We're reaping what we've sown. That's what's wrong with us.

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