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Thread: tried the rest - sticking with the best :)

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    Feb 2004
    yes, fedora core will probably be my next try out on the spare partition. SUSE was the one that disappointed me the most because it was really polished, but Yast was no fun at all

    combine apt and kpackage and you get shopping! Now that's fun.

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    howdy nishta...

    jj, I did install some tool or another that did what
    I believe you are talking about for to make a CD a genuine
    repository. Name escapes me. Was still a pita

    There's a tool to do that, hmmmm, makes sense. I must
    find that.

    I just mounted "disc 1" from my woody cd set, to
    check on just how it's layed out.

    There's a "hidden" directory, one prefixed with a "dot"
    at the top of the tree, ".dist".

    In side that, there's a file called "info", which contains
    a description string, that dselect will use to recognise it.

    " Debian GNU/Linux 3.0 r0 "Woody" - Official i386 Binary-1

    The next disc will have "Binary-2" instead of "Binary-1".

    The rest would be just the same as for a local
    repository i would think. I only keep a repository
    on a seperate partition rather than on cd, so i'm
    speculating that the layout for a cd would be the
    same, except for the additional "dot" directory,
    [ must get a burner ].

    All that involves is creating a heirarchy, such as...


    main can be local/non-free etc.
    unstable could be any thing.

    The last directory "m" can be anything, containing
    subdirectories, named after the package...


    In the bottom of the "binary-i386" directory you just
    need a file called "Packages.gz" that lists the
    descriptions of the deb's. And possibly a "Release"
    file, not really important. To get the "Packages.gz"
    file, a helper script just needs to be run from the top
    root directory, above "dists".

    "dpkg-scanpackages dists override | gzip >

    "override", can be called anything and will more often
    than not be zero size.

    That will scane all directories below the dists
    branch, and then create the file and put it in

    To make it more specific you could do...

    "dpkg-scanpackages dists/unstable/main override |
    gzip > dists/unstable/main/binary-i386/Packages.gz"

    That would scane all below "dists/unstable/main"

    Put that on a cd, with the dot directory... ???
    who knows, .

    I haven't tryed it myself though, just local

    Hope that wasn't to over the top, or anything... but,
    i do tend to find debs documentation a bit on the vague
    side myself. Which dosen't
    help much, and tends to give the impression that deb's
    some sought of rocket science distro.

    Which it isn't. It's just that they can't write docs
    very well

    as far as the mandrake and magician, I was
    thinking maybe it was the publishers of Mandrake
    the Magician comic. I have to go google


    Hows all the screw ups there'v been doing over the year.
    The great "LG drive" screw up, earlier in the year,
    the occasional table scramble screw up... there's never
    a magician around when there needed

    hmmmm, i think iv'e forgotten the thread topic, next
    favourite distro i think. Well, with knoppix, i
    can see a sid, with heaps of things installed and set
    up. So it's really good to use as a template to work
    on my existing modified woody with, which is at sid
    any way, except for libc6. And, as knoppix is deb...
    and deb is about as straight forward, unhyped
    as it gets... And it takes years to learn a system
    anyway. Why blow it by hopping. I'll just stick
    with these two.

    As RH was my first Linux, and they are known for
    their innovation/patching, i probably wouldn't
    mind having FC in, just to have a look.


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    I have to thank Knoppix for introducing me to Linux, but now I'm addicted to Gentoo & currently running 2.6.9-rc3.. EDIT now 2.6.10-rc1


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    Aug 2004
    In a house... hopefully
    I like banana's... I mean... *cough*... i also have to thank knoppix for introducing me to linux in a not too hard but not too easy way... thanks...

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    Howdy cintra

    I have to thank Knoppix for introducing me to
    Linux, but now I'm addicted to Gentoo & currently
    running 2.6.9-rc3..

    I use the v3.3 Knoppix, with the same kernel. I just
    copied over the modules directory from my main deb
    and added an entry to boot Knoppix using the same
    kernel. That is, from a common boot directory (hdb1).

    It is a nice fast kernel, i had no end of problems with
    the v2.6.8 series.

    Just out of curiosity, the way i installed Knoppix,
    was just to do a raw copy, using tar, of the
    /KNOPPIX directory and relavent ramdisk directories.
    A bit primitive, but it worked. Funnily, it ran very
    slow. Until i realised everything in /var was trying
    to point to a non-existing directory on the cd.

    Not that this actually relates to anything to do
    with the thread topic . Now, the only thing that id
    strange, is the occasional freeze of my filemanager.

    I use "Filerunner", a Tk based program, compiled
    against woody's v2.2.5 libc6, using gcc-3.2.3.

    It should be ok in Knoppix, but... I'll just have to
    recompile and see if that fixes things.

    Iv'e heard a lot about Gentoo, it sounds like quite
    a nice distro, with a bit of a BSD influence. Going by
    their portage system...

    Anyhow, enough yac for now


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    Paris, France
    Quote Originally Posted by cintra
    I have to thank Knoppix for introducing me to Linux, but now I'm addicted to Gentoo & currently running 2.6.9-rc3..

    yep why limit the choices to RPM based or other Debian based though to be fair I have a Deb box too. I love em all.... Im just a distro ho

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    tried some , kept deb

    I too thank knoppix for making Debian simple, after playing with knoopix for a while I went back to Debian and it was a breeze t o install; any time I need a new program: is apt-get and voila .

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    Oct 2004
    for me it's slackware and debian; I've always loved slackware and I'm glad they're still going,
    and I like the way everything works properly in debian stable; I have a friend who swears by Rock linux (you compiile everytihing from source like gentoo) but I haven't used it myself; one of my worst experiences with redhat enterprise server was trying to build a kernel with a specific patch level from a source rpm, if you've ever tried you'll know what I mean (messy post-install scripts...)

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