Posted this in the wrong forum before (or maybe not, it was the Hardware forum) but thought it should be posted here:

I got floppy automount to work on the HDD install, but only for one user at a time, but that should easily be fixable.

Change the auto.master file to:

/mnt/auto /etc/ --timeout=3


*fat|msdos) options="${rw},uid=username,gid=username,umask=000 ";;
ntfs) options="ro,uid=username,gid=username,umask=0222"; ;

Where "username" is the name of the user you want to have access to the floppy.

I don't know if these two are required, probably not, but that's what I had when I got it working:

auto.misc has the line (comment out the other floppy line):

floppy -fstype=auto,sync,user,umask=000 :/dev/fd0

auto.mnt has instead of the original floppy line:

floppy -fstype=auto,sync,user,umask=000 :/dev/fd0

After all this, as root, do /etc/init.d/autofs restart, or reboot, and the floppy should work normally. Has anyone else had any other success with the floppy automounting?