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Thread: Connecting to the internet

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    Connecting to the internet

    If I want to connect to the internet do i have to know my access numbers because i use AOL on windows and i want to get on the net on knoppix ?? any help or information please....

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    Unfortunately AOL uses a special type of dial-up connection. I don't think any existing program in Linux will connect to AOL Internet Service.

    The other problem will be with your dial-up modem. Most modems in windows are winmodems... meaning the computer does most of the work for the modem. Winmodems.... being for Windows computers are not well supported in Linux... and thus not well supported in Knoppix.

    I've got a Knoppix Remaster I call WebOS that supports Lucent and Smartlink Winmodems. There's a good chance that you may have one of these two types.

    You can see the details at

    Send me an email to with your shipping address and I'll send you a free copy of WebOS if you want. You'll need to get a different Internet Service Provider, I think, but otherwise it will probably work for you.


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    I have similar problem. I bought netgearRP614v2 router and I connect to AOL broadband on one of my windows XP using the router. I try to connect my another linux pc to the router to share the internet connection.

    But the manual clearly says I need AOL software to connect from any PC on the router and AOL is available only on Windows.

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    What are the alternatives do I have for the above situation?
    Any comments are welcome
    Thanks in advance

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