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Thread: Knoppix 3.7 Installation in VMware does not boot?!?

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    Knoppix 3.7 Installation in VMware does not boot?!?

    What i did so far:
    1. Install VMware Workstation 4.52 on my XP SP2
    2. New Virtual Machine Kernel 2.6
    3. Boot Knoopix 3.7 inside the Virtual Machine from CD (works...)
    4. sudo knoppix-installer
    5. qparted swap=512MB, raiserfs=2500MB
    6. start the Knoppix installation
    7. install the bootmanager in mbr
    8. finished without any errors
    9. shutdown Knoppix
    10. removed the CD
    11. start the Virtual Machine

    But now i only get a black screen on Knoppix did not boot
    What can I do to make it work???

    Booting lilo from the floppy works.


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    hello all,

    im also planning to do this, install knoppix in vmware.. what i have right now is vmware installed in windows xp.. im a newbie when it comes to linux that's why i chose knoppix to get a feel of it. i want to install knoppix in my virtual machine because it's quite slow when running from cd inside the vmware..

    could you please give me a detailed instructions on how to install knoppix inside vmware? thanks

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    Similar Problems

    I have almost the same problem with Knoppix on Ms-Virtual Machine. I'm using Knoppix 3.8.2, it actually starts to boot but gets to where it says "Broadcasting for DHCP" and just gets stuck. I had the same problem with Mepis Linux getting stuck while booting up and corrected this by adjusting the RAM on the VM to 180MB instead of the default 128MB.(200 made it crash) But this hasn't changed a thing with Knoppix.(neither did 200) But once I got the Live-Cd up with Mepis the internet did not work (which works fine without VM) No one in their forum seem to know how to fix that yet. I had the same thing happen with Suse 9.1, no net. I've searched Google high and low....does anybody know how to get Linux fully running on VM?????

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    Found the Boot Problem, Now on with the Net....

    I just figured it out! You have to put in a cheat code "knoppix nodhcp" to get it to finish the boot. I can't believe it configured my mouse better under VM than straight from the disk! Now I'm just trying get the net up. This site: says all those versions are do-able that I mentioned eariler, including Knoppix. I must be missing cheat codes or configuration instruction. Anybody got any thoughts??

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