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Thread: Product Key Code - I need a new one...

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    Product Key Code - I need a new one...

    I just reinstalled XP after partitioning my drive and I don't have the product key code to activate it. I borrowed the cd from somebody else and they seem to have lost the key also. I have a code but it is not authorized and I don't know how to get a new one.
    My computer came with windows installed on it and I did not get a disc or any type of reinstallation stuff to fix it if I had any problems. I do have recovery discs to run, but they partition my drive the way they want it to be so I cannot use this because it will wipe out my partitions. I now have XP kanotix knoppix mandrake and win98. The XP one is the one that is giving me problems with the key code.

    Can I get someone else's to try? Here is the one I have that is not working and here is how to get the XP code off your computer:

    [removed by mod]

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    This is really not the place to ask for this buddy.

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    Try Belarc Advisor. It should be able to lookup all the software keys in your Windows partition. Works for most software titles, not just windoze.


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    Heh. Thats a classic. Hurra for restore cds.

    Did you wipe the partition on which you install Xp?
    Before ever running the setup program.
    With recovercds, its an OEM key and that wont work if it sees
    anything windows like during the install.

    You cannot use this key if you install XP over the old install.
    Its not considered a OEM install and hence you need different key.

    I had the same problem and used XpKeyChanger to create a key that would allow me to
    install over the old install allowing me to keep my settings.

    This, however, its not legal and you might have problems using Windows Update.

    Btw: Funny place to post about XP keys....

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