I just reinstalled XP after partitioning my drive and I don't have the product key code to activate it. I borrowed the cd from somebody else and they seem to have lost the key also. I have a code but it is not authorized and I don't know how to get a new one.
My computer came with windows installed on it and I did not get a disc or any type of reinstallation stuff to fix it if I had any problems. I do have recovery discs to run, but they partition my drive the way they want it to be so I cannot use this because it will wipe out my partitions. I now have XP kanotix knoppix mandrake and win98. The XP one is the one that is giving me problems with the key code.

Can I get someone else's to try? Here is the one I have that is not working and here is how to get the XP code off your computer:

[removed by mod]

Any help would be appreciated.