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Thread: Another newb install question

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    Another newb install question

    Hi people,got a question here.Ive got knoppix 3.4 form a magazine coverdisc and i was wondering,is there a way to install it to a hard drive but not have it write anything to the boot table.I have WindowsXp pro on my c drive,and last time i tryed to install mandrake it killed my Xp boot when it installed its own boot program.Is it possible to switch off my c drive in bios and install knoppix to d and when i want to use knoppix all i would have to do is boot from d in the bios?
    Thanx in advance for any help!

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    Yes you can. When running knoppix-installer, you will be asked wether to install lilo to mbr or knoppix partition. Choose knoppix/linux partition.

    I prefer to install to mbr. No need to worry if it screw/kill your xp. Installing lilo to mbr won't screw/kill your xp boot process.
    If you can't boot xp, a simple fix will do: fdisk /mbr
    Using xp cd to boot, choose recovery console and run: fixmbr

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