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Thread: direct connect for knoppix 3.3

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    direct connect for knoppix 3.3

    I use Knoppix 3.3 booted from a cd.
    i have set up home dir on a harddisc using image file
    I managed to install a program or two, for ex. kadu [instant messenger]
    but i don't know how to install DC client. i have tried a rpm package
    dcgui-qt-0.2.20-1mdk.i586.rpm and dclib-0.2.20-1mdk.i586.rpm, i also have tried to search web for special installations of Direct Connect for
    Knoppix but I couldn't find something considered helpful.
    please help if You can, would be very grateful
    ps: i can't install Knoppix on my harddisc, i can just use harddisc as a
    writable device, but that's not a problem, i don't want to install Knoppix
    thank you in advance, sorry about my english

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    When running from cd, you can't install programs the normal/usual way either by using apt-get or dpkg. This is because it needs to write some programs to a particular folder which in your case is a CD and can't be written.

    dcgui-qt-0.2.20-1mdk.i586.rpm and dclib-0.2.20-1mdk.i586.rpm
    The above package belongs to Mandrake and can't be used by knoppix which based on Debian. For knoppix package you need to get file with .deb extension....but useless in your case(running from cd).

    The only way you can install programs right now is to use point-and-klik which was created by Probono.

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