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Thread: Desktop Paging

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    Desktop Paging

    Ok... I have completely ignored a simple feature of KDE so far... i probably should have paid more attention to it since i run out of space on my windows Desktop all the time...

    A feature called "paging" if i remember correctly is easily accessed with the 4 numbered buttons at the bottom. It would seem simple, but i can't figure it out worth beans! I am running out of space on my desktop and i am in DIRE need of finding some docs on it! KDE is different than windows... i have a tool called "D5" on my windows... it does that same thing, but this one isn't quite as easy.

    So, how do you use it?

    Again, i have assumed too much about linux, and have advanced farther than that but skiped by this useful tool.

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    You can set the shortcuts in ControlCenter -> Regional... -> Keyb Shortcuts. For me scrolling between desktops is Win+Tab.

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