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Thread: Connecting to the Internet

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    Connecting to the Internet

    How come the only ADSL connection option entails the use of Sagem/Thomson modems?! I use a BeWan with an AOL 5 Mb ADSL connection, and Knoppix doesn't seem to detect it: my modem doesn't even switch on when I boot...
    Is there a solution?

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    I don't really understand.....
    Is your modem connected to usb or ethernet?
    If it is an ethernet modem, then there should be no problem.

    What you need to is run netcardconfig first, set a static IP. This is crucial because your networkcard is the lifeline of your system to your modem.
    Unless your modem has a built-in router then you can choose DHCP, only if DHCP is set in that modem-router.
    Then you run the pppoeconfig.

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    Connecting to the Internet (part 2)

    Hi again!
    First, thanks, Shah, for answering so promptly!
    I forgot to mention the following:
    1) I downloaded Knoppix free of charge, burned it on CD then booted it from it. So far so good...
    2) I'm no computer genius...
    3) My OS in everyday life is (don't laugh!) Windows XP SP2...
    Aside from the fact that I can't access the web under Linux/Knoppix, I love the penguin just fine, and I would really like to solve this problem.
    I'm going to try and adjust the stuff you told me about...
    Don't be surprised to hear from again...

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    Re: Connecting to the Internet (part 2)

    what is your modem's color ? see links from

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    Re: Connecting to the Internet

    Quote Originally Posted by HornyToad
    How come the only ADSL connection option entails the use of Sagem/Thomson modems?
    That's not at all true. As far as I know Knoppix supports every ADSL modem out there with an ethernet connection. Of course, since many ISPs come up with different hacks to PPPoE and PPPoA, there could be some particular ISP that might give you problems setting up the PPPoE software. But you really shouldn't run the PPPoE software in Knoppix anyway, it is far far better go get an inexpensive router that will protect you with a hardware firewall and let it take care of the PPPoE connection for you, then you need no special setup at all in Knoppix to be on the network and the Internet, it's just there when you boot.

    So my advice is get a router. If your response is that you have a modem that only has a USB connection, then I would say you let your ISP supply you with crap. You should have done your homework before getting DSL and not let them provide you with something that only has closed source drivers available for Microsoft products.

    My first approach would be to fight with the ISP and get a decent ethernet based modem. They may resist it (mine sure did), but if you know what you want and you insist on it you can usually get it (I did). My next suggestion would be to find an alternate ISP that will give you what you want and need. And another suggestion is to find a friend with an old ADSL ethernet based modem that they are no longer using. I have at least two or three friends that are in that position, they had DSL for a few years, then switched to less expensive and faster cable internet services. So their old DSL modems are just gathering dust.

    By the way, I'm on DSL right now and I don't have a Sagem/Thomson modem.

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