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Thread: anti virus software

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    anti virus software

    can any one recommend some good anti vrus and firewall software i can download

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    if its for linux then use fprot anti virus and for the firewall find something well known and opensource just update it daily!!

    If its for windows well your whole OS is one giant Virus

    Mac well their still working on making good viruses for this one

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    very free

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    Re: anti virus software

    Quote Originally Posted by styven
    can any one recommend some good anti vrus and firewall software i can download
    I've heard good reports on clam-av ( for anti-virus ), and I use GuardDog ( for firewall )

    But, to further assist you, why not find out for yourself Try either of these two options, or both, in your quest...

    ( 1 ) Enter something like anti-virus or firewall into the box at the top of the screen, on this site, named Search and see what other posts have been made on the subject. Or, you can enter something like clam-av or f-prot or guarddog in the same box, and see what you get...

    ( 2 ) Search the apt-get for what is out in the world to install... in a CLI ( terminal screen ) try the following: apt-get update then apt-cache search firewall or apt-cache search antivirus or just use "virus"... if you see anything of interest, then do a apt-cache show package to view what the description says about it... If you like it, then make yourself root, or SuperUser, and do the apt-get install of it...

    Hope this helps,
    Ms. Cuddles

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